COVID-19 Response

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues, Media Preservation is committed to the safety of its personnel, all Library staff, and its patrons while simultaneously striving to provide continuing access to the Library’s audiovisual collections.  Therefore, some of our services have been adjusted for patrons.

  • Faculty in need of media access for courses, e. g. DVDs
    • Email Media Orders at
    • Library Acquisitions will receive the above inquiry and will first determine if streaming options are available.
    • If no streaming option can be found, the request will then be referred to Media Preservation.
      • Media Preservation staff will maintain communication with the faculty and ensure digitization and online access to the digitized content via MediaSpace.


  • In-house Previewing and Listening Requests
    • Until further notice, the Main Library is closed to patrons; Media Preservation will not be able to allow patrons to visit the Media Preservation for listening appointments.
    • However, please consult with Library staff to determine if it is possible for Library staff to do the previewing/listening on behalf of the patron.