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Mathematics Library Facilities

Wired and Wireless Access

Both wired and wireless network access is currently available in the Mathematics Library Reading Room. Please ask at the circulation desk if you have any questions.

Public Access Computers

The Mathematics Library has seven public-access PCs connected to the campus network. Use of these computers for library research takes precedence. Email is allowed only from the four terminals in the reading room (Map B-9). These computers should not be used for generic Web browsing or personal entertainment.


The Mathematics Library has a black and white printer for your convenience and the cost is 10 cents per sheet. (Public color printing is available at ACES, Art and Architecture, Grainger, Main Library Circulation, Undergraduate, and Veterinary Medicine. The Undergraduate Library also offers 11″ x 17″ printing.) All public access computers have the ability to print. Users have options to pay for printing with Illini Cash, pay cash at the Undergrad, or use a pre-paid account. You can also print from a laptop. If you have more questions about printing please visit the Library Technology Print page.


A scanner is available in the circulation area (Map A-10). To use the scanner, refer to the scanner operating instructions located on the scanner. To troubleshoot problems with the scanner, ask for help at the circulation desk.