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Reference Books and Assistance

A collection of ready-reference books are shelved under the counter by the circulation desk (Map A-8). These books are arranged in call number order and include encyclopedias, general (English and foreign-language) and mathematical dictionaries, handbooks, biographical directories, books of mathematical and statistical tables, and others.

Retrospective bibliographies are shelved in the bookstacks, including Jahrbuch uber die Fortschritte der Mathematik (510.5JA), Bulletino di bibliografia e di storia delle scienze mathematische e fisiche (505 BUL), and Bulletin de bibliographie d’histoire et de biographie mathematiques (510.5 NOS).

Reference Assistance

Mathematics Library staff members are available to provide reference assistance during the hours the library is open. You may ask for assistance at the Mathematics Library circulation desk, by telephone (217) 333-0258, by e-mail to math@library.illinois.edu, or through our Reference Form. Questions are typically answered within one business day.  We will work as quickly and efficiently as possible to answer your question.  More complicated and in-depth reference requests are forwarded to the Mathematics Librarian. The Mathematics Library accepts reference questions from all patrons.

The Mathematics Library maintains a small collection of ready-reference books, dictionaries, and encyclopedias next to the circulation desk area (see Map A-8). Patrons may consult the online ready-reference information resources.

Library Resources Assistance

Mathematics Library staff members are happy to provide individualized instruction on the use of library information resources. Request assistance at the circulation desk. In-depth instruction can be scheduled with the librarian or one of the library specialists.

After Math Library operating hours visit University Library website Help and Services.

Online Collections



Diccionario de matemáticas: castellano-inglés, inglés-castellano=Dictionary of mathematics: English-Spanish, Spanish-English by Hornak, Kenneth Allen
Dictionary of algebra, arithmetic, and trigonometry by Krantz, Steven G.
Dictionary of Applied Math for Engineers and Scientists by Previato, Emma
Dictionary of classical and theoretical mathematics by Cavagnaro, Catherine, Haight, William T.
Dictionary of inequalities by Bullen, P. S.
Mathematics dictionary by James, Glenn and James, Robert Clark
Russian-English dictionary of mathematics by Efimov, Oleg P.
Russian-English, English-Russian dictionary on probability, statistics, and combinatorics by Borovkov, K. A.
Russian for the Mathematician by Gould, S.H.


CRC concise encyclopedia of mathematics by Weisstein, Eric W.
Encyclopedia of Mathematics, Supplement I by Hazewinkel, M.
Encyclopedia of Mathematics, Supplement II by Hazewinkel, M.
Encyclopedia of Mathematics, Supplement III by Abhyankar, S.S. et al
The VNR concise encyclopedia of mathematics by Gellert, W, Gottwald, S., Hellwich, M,  Kästner, H., and Küstner, H.

Guides and Handbooks

A Guide to Statistical Methods and to the Pertinent Literature / Literatur zur Angewandten Statistik by Sachs, Lothar
Handbook of discrete and computational geometry by Goodman, Jacob E., O’Rourke, Joseph, and Toth, Csaba
Handbook of graph theory by Gross, Jonathan L., Yellen, Jay, and Zhang, Ping
Handbook of mathematical formulas and integrals by Jeffery, Alan
Handbook of mathematics by Bronshtein, Ilia Nikolaevich, Semendyayev, K. A., Musiol, G., and Muehlig, H.
Handbook of nonlinear partial differential equations by Polianin, A. D.
Integrals and series by Prudnikov, A.B.
Pocket book of integrals and mathematical formulas by Tallarida, Ronald J.
The Princeton companion to applied mathematics by Higham, Nicolas J.
The Princeton companion to mathematics by Gowers, Timothy., Barrow-Green, June,  and Leader, Imre

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