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Welcome to the UIUC Mathematics Library Diophante portal website. Diophante is a french number theory journal, created and edited by Andre Gerardin from 1948 - 1952.

Andre Gerardin

Gerardin was a member of the Societe Mathematique de France beginning in 1906. He was involved in the creation and propogation of numerous publications, and created Diophante as a means of communication for colleagues to discuss and discover number theory ideas. It contains various articles, problems, exercises, solutions and other items such as obituaries.

For more detailed information about Andre Gerardin and the origin of Diophante, please consult the following prefaces. The original French preface was written by Christian Boyer, Enghien les Bains, France, in 2005. The preface was then translated into English by Jeffrey Shallit of the University of Waterloo, Ontario. The prefaces are in .pdf format - you will need Adobe Reader to access the files.

French Preface    English Preface

This journal run is made up of five volumes, organized by year. Each volume contains four issues, or quarters. Many of the quarters are combined, creating less than four issues per volume. All of the files found on this website are .pdf files. There are links to the beginning of each article from the Table of Contents and from the indexes.

Our library has also been given permission to print and archive a text copy for patron usage. It will be available at the UIUC Mathematics Library in 2006 (call number forthcoming).