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Smith, Frank

Collection Information


Frank W. Smith record collection


Largely dispersed among LP record holdings stored on lower level of the University Press Building; some items may have been cataloged and incorporated into the Music and Performing Arts Library’s general LP collection or Special Collections. As of 2019 recordings in Press Building were transferred to the Internet Archive for digitization.


Private collection of donor, formerly of Watseka, Illinois, a 1941 graduate of the University of Illinois

When acquired

October, 1988


The donation included approximately 3,400 LP albums (over 4,000 individual discs); 175 volumes and Issues of books and record magazines; and several wooden record stack units. The record collection emphasized classical orchestral music, chamber music, jazz, arid rag-time, as well as some specialized areas of particular interest to Smith, such as military bands, polkas, music boxes, and zither music.


Dispersed among Music and Performing Arts Library’s LP holdings

Access/Finding Aids/Bibliography

Smith submitted itemized inventories by date of acquisition (comprising a total of. over 200 pages), along with a detailed history of his activities as a record collector since his first purchases in 1958, and a description of his development of a card index (presumably not sent to the University of Illinois along with the collection). These materials by Smith, together with biographical information, shipping bills, and correspondence relating to the donation, are filed in the Collections File folder (“Smith, Frank W.”).

Index terms

Recordings: LP; Smith, Frank