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Dance Orchestra Stock

Collection Information


Dance orchestra stock arrangements (parts sets)


Library’s University Press Building storage area


Separate collections received along with Hunleth Music Store and Young Collection purchases, as well as a smaller donation from Joseph F. Kaltchok

When acquired

Hunleth, 1974; Young, 1985; Kaltchok, no information


Largely dance band repertory of 1930s-1950s. Total of 1,325 titles from Hunleth Music Store; 427 titles from the Barnard and Morris M. Young Collection; 111 titles from the Joseph F. Kaltchok collection


Each collection is shelved separately in the Library’s University Press storage area, with materials arranged alphabetically by title

Access/Finding Aids/Bibliography

Checklist of three collections prepared by volunteer Barry Wagner (ca. 1995?): printouts and Apple/Mac discs in Collections File (“Dance Orchestra – Stock Arrangements”; some information on Hunleth collection can be gleaned from practicum project report filed in folder entitled “Hunleth Orchestra/Ens.”).

 Inventory list (PDF)

Index terms

Hunleth Music Store; Kaltchok, Joseph F.; Young, Barnard A.; Young, Morris N.