Mortenson Center Advisory Committee Charge and Membership


The Advisory Committee advises the Director on center policy and procedures.


The Committee of nine Faculty members, at least half of whom are drawn from the Library faculty, are appointed to the Mortenson Advisory Committee by the University Librarian, in consultation with the Executive Committee, and on the recommendation of the Director of the Mortenson Center. The appointed members serve two-year staggered terms and may be reappointed to successive terms, not to exceed four years.


Clara M. Chu, Chair

Susanne Belovari (08/15/2018)

Shuyong Jiang (08/15/2018)

Bill Mischo (08/15/2017)

Ellen Moodie (08/15/2018)

John Randolph (08/15/2017)

*Scott Schwartz (08/15/2017)

Yoo-Seong Song (08/15/2018)

*Caroline Szylowicz (08/15/2017)

Martin Wolske (08/15/2017)

*Second term