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Loanable Technology – Equipment is available at the Loanable Technology Desk for walk-up or advance bookings, contingent upon item availability. You can check current open hours and make a booking in advance by visiting the “Loanable Technology” page available here

Video Production Studio – For more information on availability and usage of the Video Production Studio check out the Video Studio page here

Audio Production Studio and Self-Use Booths – The Media Commons Audio Production Studio are currently available as long as the Lower Level of the UGL is open (note: reservations end 45 minutes prior to UGL closing on Friday and Saturday nights. You can request to use the spaces here

Media and Technology Consultations – Consultations are available by appointment. Please fill out the form (consultation form) to schedule an appointment, we should respond within 2 business days.


The Media Commons, is located on the north and east side of the upper level of the Undergraduate Library, is a collaborative campus effort that provides students and faculty opportunities to experiment with emerging technologies, with expanded opportunities to learn of best practices in educational technology. In addition to a robust loanable technology program, the Media Commons is a service space that offers faculty, students, and users the ability to create, disseminate, use, and curate digital media. The goal is to meet the need for broad access to media creation tools, information technology training in multimedia hardware and software, and instruction in media literacy.
The Media Commons opened in 2013 and began as a Partnership between The Library and Technology Services, with support from the Library IT student fee program.


The Media Commons formed in March 2013 to provide faculty, students and staff a space to create digital media projects.

  • For faculty and staff, it is a space to discover effective ways to integrate digital media into their curriculum and to demonstrate to their students the equipment and techniques used by professionals.
  • For students it is a space to facilitate the creation of both basic and advanced projects and to explore creative ideas.

Support is the cornerstone of this endeavor. Technology alone is not enough. The Media Commons provides support and education using either an individual’s media and technology or equipment available through the Media Commons or the Undergraduate Library. Current technology support offered in the Media Commons and video production studio is provided by the combined efforts of Media Commons staff, staff from Technology Services, and other technology partners from around the campus.

An important mission of The Media Commons is to help train and educate those affiliated with the University on techniques and best practices for creating and editing video, as well as the basic usage and implementation of production studios.

Media Commons Staff

Eric Kurt: Media Commons Coordinator

Eric is the Coordinator and first employee for the Media Commons. He helped construct the services and spaces within the Media Commons. His main focus is on strategy as well as outreach and marketing.

Jake Metz: Media Commons Technology Support Specialist

Jake Metz is the Media Commons Technology Support Specialist. He oversees and trains staff for the Media Commons production studios.

Susan Muirhead: Media Innovation and Instructional Services Specialist

Susan is the Instructional Specialist for the Media Commons. Susan partners with the library, campus and external partners to provide instructional programming and support for emerging and innovative models of multimedia in the classroom.

Partners and Support Services

Technology Consultant Partners – offer drop in sessions, workshops, consulting or other expertise related to technology and media.

  • Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning
  • Technology Services
  • Ethnography of the University
  • College of Media
  • College of ACES
  • University Library Scholarly Commons