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Reproducing Map Library Materials

Map Library users have a number of options for reproducing materials.

Library users are welcome to bring in cameras. The Map Library requests that arrangements bemade in advance if additional photography equipment, such as lights, will be brought in or if alarge number of maps will be needed for photographing.

Scanning materials using a personally-owned laptop computer and small desktop scanner might alsobe a reproduction option.  Please contact the Map Library well in advance of bringingequipment to the library.

The Map Library has a Canon CanoScann 8800F desktop scanner for patron use. Materials may bescanned and digitally saved free of charge.

Additionally, some items may be taken out of the Map Library for photocopying. The closestself-serve photocopiers are located on the second floor near the Central Circulation Desk. Theborrower must complete a photocopy loan card and leave either a valid UIUC ID or driver’s licenseat the Map Library’s circulation desk.

The Library’s Digital Content CreationServices (415 Library, 217-244-2062) can also digitize or copy items upon request. Theirwebsite has a service price guide, a reproduction request form, and additional contact informationfor the department. Turnaround time on requested services is usually 10–15 business days.

Aerial Photograph Scanning Loans

Aerial photographs arenon-circulating materials. However, the Map Library has a desktop flatbed scanner that patrons mayuse free of charge.

Library patrons with a current UIUC ID card may borrow up to fifty photographs for short timeperiods to scan in offices elsewhere on campus. For short-term campus scanning loans, blanketborrowing permission will not be granted and should not be assumed. Circulation paperwork must becompleted and will include a complete inventory of all photographs being borrowed. Borrowers maynot borrow more than a total of fifty photographs. Borrowed photographs should not leave thecustody of the borrower; they should not be left with a third party for scanning or any otherprocessing. Photographs borrowed through this mechanism must be returned by 4:30 p.m. on the dayborrowed.

Late photographs will be assessed a per item fine of $2.00 per hour overdue. Additional chargeswill be assessed for lost or damaged photographs. Standard library charges will apply: $125.00 perlost or damaged item requiring replacement. Fines will be levied at the first infraction. At thesecond infraction fines will be levied and a warning of impending suspension of scanning loanprivileges will be issued. A third infraction will result in both fines and the suspension ofscanning loans. Patrons may submit appeals to the Library Fines Appeals Board for the reduction offines and/or suspensions through the Library Billing Office.