Data Repositories

Data repositories are often either institution- or discipline-specific.

Institutional Data Repository

The Illinois Data Bank is a free, self-serve publishing platform that centralizes, preserves, and provides persistent and reliable access to University of Illinois research data.  The Illinois Data Bank’s Policies page provides helpful information regarding data access and use, and preservation, and links to the Illinois Data Bank deposit agreement.

Disciplinary Repositories is a research data repositories registry, which can be searched and browsed (by subject, content type, and country) to find relevant data repositories.  Dryad and NCBI are examples of disciplinary repositories.


Dryad is a repository of data underlying the international scientific and medical literature.  Dryad is governed by a nonprofit membership organization, and it’s mission is to provide the infrastructure for, and promote the re-use of, data underlying the scholarly literature.  The site includes Submitting Data FAQs that address all aspects of depositing data, such as data formats, ReadMe files, embargoes, and costs.

National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)

NCBI is a portal to numerous popular and well-established data repositories and tools for biotechnology research, such as GenBank (the NIH genetic sequence database).  The site includes a How To: Submit data to NCBI page.