Funk ACES Data Management Workshop

The University Library has offered a data management workshop series in the Main Library for several semesters, but for the first time, a data management workshop will be held in the Funk ACES Library. This single 90-minute workshop will cover the main points of the 3-part data management workshop series held in the Main Library. We hope this alternative workshop location and format will be convenient and valuable!

Sane and Simple Data Management for the Busy Researcher DATE & TIME: March 15, 2016 | 11:00am 12:30pm LOCATION: Funk ACES Library, Room 509 PRESENTERS: Sarah Williams & Heidi Imker This session aims to provide you with datamanagementbest practices and tools to increase your research efficiencyand impact. Well present a basic introduction to data management using a data management plan framework and discuss how to find and vet resources for making datapublicly accessible.

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