Since 2011, I have provided a Word/PDF NSF Biological Sciences DMP template for UIUC, similar to the Engineering template provided by Grainger . With the release of new DMP guidance from the Biological Sciences Directorate in October 2015 , I have decided to phase out the UIUC NSF BIO DMP template in favor of the DMPTool , which provides DMP templates for many funding agencies.

There are a few reasons for this decision:

  • When I first created the template, the DMPTool did not exist. Now the DMPTool is regularly updated, covers many funding agencies, and has been customized for UIUC.
  • More life sciences funding agencies have implemented or will implement DMP requirements (See a list from the Research Data Service ), and I will not be able to maintain templates for all of these funding agencies.
  • As more data sharing options become available on campus (e.g., a data repository is in development), it will become difficult to present the options effectively in a Word or PDF document.

If you have thoughts or comments about this, feel free to contact me – Sarah Williams , Life Sciences Data Services Librarian.