Reminder: Data Management Workshops

The University Library’s Savvy Researcher series includes nine data management workshops this fall semester:

  • Intro to Data Management and Publication
  • Improving Your Data Organization and Security Strategies
  • Overview of Tools for Data Analytics and the Importance of Process Documentation
  • Using Data Ethically
  • How to Find and Learn about Appropriate Statistical Methodologies in Your Field
  • Metadata for Research Data: How to Understand Your Data and Find It Later
  • Basics of Research Data Publication and Sharing
  • Finding and Using GIS Data
  • Beyond Shapefiles: Managing GIS Data

The Research Data Service workshop page provides details and links for registration.

Also, check out the full Savvy Researcher workshop schedule for other opportunities to improve your research and information management skills!

DOE Public Access Plan

In response to the White Houses Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) memo Increasing Access to the Results of Federally Funded Scientific Research , the Department of Energy (DOE) released a Public Access Plan this summer. The plan presents the DOEs plans for public access to scientific publications and digital scientific data generated with DOE funding:

  • The DOE is hosting a portal and search interface tool, the Public Access Gateway for Energy and Science (PAGES) , for unclassified scholarly publications resulting from DOE funding. As of October 1, 2014, the DOE includes PAGES submission requirements in award agreements.
  • Beginning October 1, 2014, data management plans (DMPs) must now be submitted with DOE Office of Science proposals, and these DMPs should address whether and how data generated in the proposed research will be shared and preserved.

Remember, if you need to create a DMP, you can use the DMPTool to step you through the DMP requirements of the DOE (and many other funding agencies).