New Version of the DMPTool

A new version of the DMPTool is now available! The DMPTool is an online wizard for creating data management plans (DMPs), and it supports plans for a variety of funding agencies, including individual National Science Foundation (NSF) directorates and divisions, and the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

New DMPTool features and functionality are highlighted in a short video and include:

  • Co-Owners: Plan creators can designate individuals as co-owners of specific plans, which allows the co-owners to edit and provide feedback on the plans within the DMPTool.
  • Reviews: Plan creators can request feedback on their plans. At UIUC, librarians who are knowledgeable about data management requirements and resources will complete the reviews. Reviewers will comment on plans within the DMPTool.
  • Institutional Customization: The University Library added language and links for institutional resources, such as IDEALS (the institutional repository), and contact information for local data management assistance.
  • Updated Interface: The new version displays resource links and suggested responses in tabs and has new visuals.

Whether you are a new or existing DMPTool user, log in and see what the new version has to offer! Since UIUC is a contributing institution, UIUC faculty, staff and students can log in to the DMPTool with their NetID and password.