NSF BIO DMP Guidance Updated

In February 2013, the NSF Biological Sciences Directorate (BIO) updated its guidance on data management plans .

As a results, some issues might need to be addressed in difference sections now. For example, it appears that metadata formats and standards should now be addressed in Section 1, instead of Section 3. And some sections now explicitly state that plans should describe how issues will be addressed “after the grant ends.”

The wording of each section also changed from a question to a statement:

  • Describe the data that will be collected, and the data and metadata formats and standards used.
  • Describe what physical and/or cyber resources and facilities (including third party resources) will be used to store and preserve the data after the grant ends.
  • Describe what media and dissemination methods will be used to make the data and metadata available to others after the grant ends.
  • Describe the policies for data sharing and public access (including provisions for protection of privacy, confidentiality, security, intellectual property rights and other rights as appropriate).
  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of all parties with respect to the management of the data (including contingency plans for the departure of key personnel from the project) after the grant ends.