Intro to Data Management workshop

As part of the University Library’s Savvy Researcher workshop series, the Intro to Data Management workshop is being offered twice this spring:

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 5:30-7:00pm Main Library, Room 314 Register for this session .

Wednesday, March 6, 2013 3:00-4:30pm Main Library, Room 314 Register for this session .

If you keep hearing about research data management but dont really know what its all about, this session is for you, whether you are a faculty member competing for NSF grants, a researcher managing data for a lab, a graduate student wanting to develop an in-demand skill, or a librarian wanting to help researchers and students with data. The goal of data management is to ensure that data is secure, discoverable and preserved for future use, by you and other researchers. This session will cover the benefits of managing data; ways to manage data on a day-to-day basis (e.g., file naming, storage, versioning); key points for preserving data; options for sharing data; and datas unique issues with citations, intellectual property and privacy.

Presenters: Sarah Shreeves, Sarah Williams, and Lura Joseph

To register and to see the full schedule of Savvy Researcher Workshops: