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The University Library provides thousands of e-books.  Some have been purchased as individual works; some have been scanned from our own collections; some are part of commercial e-book packages; and some are available free on the Web.

You can search and access individual e-books through the online catalog, just like printed books.

When using the various platforms, you may encounter different viewing permissions and restrictions.  If you have questions, please contact us at lislib@library.illinois.edu

You can also search within e-book packages and portals.  Here a few you can explore:

Licensed Collections (Limited to Members of the University Community)

Free Collections on the Web

  • Google Books
    Google Books, in partnership with several major libraries (including the UofI), makes public domain books available free and provides snippets of many still-in-copyright works.  Includes links to booksellers and libraries that hold the book.  A good source for older, classic books about library science.
  • International Children’s Digital Library
    The ICDL is a library of children’s e-books with an interface designed for kids.  Half of the books are from non-U.S. publishers.
  • Internet Archive: Text Archive
    The Text Archive is a large open-access collection of books and other electronic texts.  The Internet Archive also collects non-text digital media.
  • HathiTrust
    HathiTrust is an open-access digital library of books from academic and research libraries around the world. You can search the entire catalog, view collections compiled by users, or create your own collection on the topic of your choice.
  • Project Gutenberg
    The oldest open e-book collection, created by volunteers.