Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Over the break, the IDHH Highlights moved to a new server.  Our new URL is https://www.library.illinois.edu/idhh-highlights/

If you forget to update your bookmarks or old relinks, don’t worry! The old URL redirects, so you can still find the IDHH Highlights blog and learn about our collections and items that are relevant to Illinois and national history, world events, and interesting topics.

Interested in other ways to explore the collections and items in the IDHH? You can:

  • Visit the IDHH Exhibits site to see digital exhibits curated from items in the IDHH and covering topics important to Illinois History and relevant to current and historical events
  • Browse our IDHH Primary Source Sets for primary source collections curated from items in the IDHH, which cover topics relevant to Illinois educational standard and include teaching guides for in-class use
  • Visit the IDHH site to search or browse all items in the IDHH, or click on one of the curated searches on the home page for examples of the breadth of items within the IDHH