St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! The Illinois Digital Heritage Hub celebrates by highlighting collections at the Lake Forest Academy and the Quincy Public Library.
Lake Forest Academy has a long and fascinating legacy that encompasses the history of Ferry Hall, which merged with the Academy in the 1970s. In the image below, students in costume gather for a St. Patrick’s Day dinner and festivities.

Ferry Hall Students and Faculty gather around a table for dinner on the Feast of Saint Patrick.
Saint Patrick’s Day Dinner, Ferry Hall, circa 1895. Lake Forest Academy. Lake Forest Academy and Ferry Hall Archives. Permission to display was given by the Lake Forest Academy.

The Quincy Public Library has long been a cornerstone of its town and community. The images below capture the library’s participation in Quincy’s celebration of St. Patrick’s Day in the early 1990s.

In addition to the Quincy Public Library and the Lake Forest Academy, check out other St. Patrick’s Day themed items contributed by IDHH institutions, including a rich set of items provided by the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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