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National Bibliography of Khakassiia


 Khakas County was established under Soviet rule in 1923. In 1930, it was renamed Khakas Autonomous Oblast’, and in 1992, it officially became the Republic of Khakassiia, within the Russian Federation. The capital is Abakan. Khakas is a Turkic language.

The following is a beginning guide to bibliographic tools for researchers of Khakasiia. Though not a comprehensive overview, this guide outlines three primary ways research can access bibliographic information about Khakas publications:

(1) The Russian National Library’s Department of Literature in National Languages imprint catalog
(2) The National Library of the Republic of Khakasiia online library catalog
(3) The letopis’ pechati or print chronicles for the Republic of Khakasiia

Additionally, this guide highlights other resources related to the history, language, and culture of Khakassiia. Researchers may also want to consult the following online database for additional coverage: Elektronnyi katalog knig na iazykakh narodov RF i stran SNG on the page of the Russian National Library. Lastly, this guide highlights the electronic library associated with the National Library of Khakasiia.

Sources: The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (Volume 28, page 550); Ethnologue.


Gosudarstvennoe biudzhetnoe uchrezhdenie kul’tury Respubliki Khakasiia: Natsional’naia biblioteka imeni N.G. Domozhakova


Main page for the National Library of the Republic of Khakassia

The electronic catalog for the National Library of Khakasiia (elektronnyi katalog) searches all types of library holdings across both state and municipal libraries. There are number of different databases users may choose from to conduct searches. These databases include:

  • The Union Library Catalog (Svodnyi katalog bibliotek Respubliki Khakasiia) which contains bibliographic records for the holdings of both state and municipal libraries.
  • The “Khakasiia” database (Svodnaia baza dannykh “Khakasiia”) which includes bibliographic records for documents whose content is related to Khakasiia. This includes articles, books, pamphlets and abstracts from 2009-2014. The database is continually being updated.
  • The Electronic Catalogs for the national library (Elektronnye katalogi i bazy dannykh Natsional’noi biblioteki imeni N.G. Domozhakova). These databases include articles, local history, and letopisi pechati, and newspapers for the Republic of Khakasiia.
  • Other databases include records of children’s books, holdings in the library for the blind and a number of personal collections.

Note that users have the option to search using basic, advanced or professional searches. The advanced search includes a large number of fields to choose from, including (but not limited to): author, title, theme, subject, key word, ISSN, ISBN, publisher, location of publication, language of publication, range of years in which the item was published and document type. The advanced search interface is shown below.

Sample catalog search for the Republic of Khakassia.

Users may search in both Russian and Khakas. The search interface prefers Internet Explorer. Note that the website may time out, but this problem can be solved by refreshing the page. The results give basic bibliographic information, the location of holdings, an item call number, the number of available copies and occasionally an abstract or summary of the document content. A sample result is shown in the image below.

Sample catalog results for the Republic of Khakassia

Katalog literatury na Khakasskom yazyke [microform] Rossiĭskai︠a︡ nat︠s︡ionalʹnai︠a︡ biblioteka. Otdel literatury na nat︠s︡ionalʹnykh i︠a︡zykakh.

New York: N. Ross, 1997. U of I Library Call Number: MFICHE 016.9575 R736k1 International and Area Studies Library, Microfilm Room. OCLC Accession Number: 39971902.

The Russian National Library’s Department of Literature in National Languages [also known as the Department of National Literatures] of the Russian Federation, Commonwealth of Independent States, and the Baltic countries has reproduced holdings catalogs in microfiche format. The national languages imprints catalogs in microfiche format diffuse most of the difficulties associated with transliteration in the vernacular languages, spelling, forms of entry, and uncertainties with the entirety of the collection. Researchers can access the entire holdings for a specific language at the Russian National Library through the microfiche set; conveniently exporting selected titles via PDF scans. Below are examples of some of the Khakas language holdings that are available.

Khakas microfiche example 1 Khakas microfiche example 2 Khakas microfiche example 3


Letopis’ pechati and national bibliography of Khakassiia


Aside from being the main library in Khakassiia, the N.G. Domozhakov National Library also fulfills the role of Book Chamber for the republic. In 1997, it started publishing the guide letopis’ pechati Respubliki Khakassiia. The letopisi pechati are bibliographic records of all items (within particular categories) published in the Republic of Khakasiia for a given year. On the website of the National Library, users can download letopisi pechati from 2004-2010 as PDF files, as well as the knizhnaia letopis’ for 2016. For some of the years, only one of two parts is available for download. Part 1 contains bibliographic information about books, journal articles, abstracts, reviews and publications about Khakassiia in the Russian press, while Part 2 contains bibliographic information about newspaper articles. Through WorldCat, users can find other issues of the letopis’ pechati (OCLC accession number 751496538).

Entry information for materials in the letopisi pechati includes a general classification number given at the beginning of the section, a consecutive entry number, author, title, place of publication, publisher, date, pagination, illustrations, size, serial statement, ISBN or ISSN, number of copies printed, price, government registration number, e.g. [94-1546]; and other necessary bibliographic information for citations. An example of a Letopis’ pechati entry is given in the image below.

Letopis Pechati sample results for the Republic of Khakassia

Earlier Letopis’ pechati for the Republic of Khakasiia are searchable through the online catalog. However, they are not available for download as full-text documents.


Two major newspapers published in Khakasiia are Lenin choly (1927) in Khakas, and Sovetskaia Khakasiia (1930) in Russian. Users can consult Gazety SSSR 1917-1960: Bibliograficheskii spravochnik 5 for a more comprehensive list of newspapers published in Khakasiia between 1917 and 1960. (Source: The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (Volume 28, page 550).

Archival materials

For users interested in archival materials, the National Archive of Khakassiia provides helpful resources. In addition to information about the services of the archive, the website provides an electronic catalog for the collections of the national archive and several other municipal, city, and institutional archives. Additionally, the archive’s website includes numerous “online exhibitions” on a variety of topics based on archival materials, online accessible copies of scholarly articles about Khakas local history, and an overview of the publications of the National Archive’s archivists.

Language and keyboard

Khakas is a Turkic language and is also known as Abakan Tatar, Hakass, Khakhass, Xakas, Yenisei, and Yennisej Tatar. Until the late 1920s, the Khakas written language was based on the Cyrillic script.  Between the late 1920s and the mid-1930s, the Latin script was used, and since then, the Cyrillic script. In addition to the Russian letters, the Khakas alphabet includes the following characters: II, Ңң, Öö, Ӱӱ, and Ӌӌ. Users interested in using vernacular languages can download a Cyrillic extended keyboard that can be used for Khakas and many of the other national languages of the Russian Federation.

Sources: Khakasskaia pis’mennost’Ethnologue.


Electronic library


This electronic library is not a searchable database, but rather a series of collections from which patrons can download documents as PDF files. The collections from which U of I patrons can download files are as follows:

  • The national collection of local history: Books from the library fund, published in the late XIX – early XX century.
  • Khakas-language folklore (books)
  • Khakas-language school books from the 1930s–19040s
  • Publications by writer and poet N.G. Domozhakov
  • Publications by the ethnographer V.Y. Butanaev
  • Publications by Turkologist V.G. Karpov
  • Publications by the historian and archeologist L.R. Kyzlasov
  • Scientific notes from the Khakas research institute for language, literature and history  (KhakNIIIaLI) published between 1947–1977.
  • Poems by war poet G.K. Suvorov
  • The soldiers of the Afghan war in the works of Gennadyi Sinel’nikov
  • Works by Khakas writers
  • Video materials
  • Newspapers from war periods
  • Editions of the newspaper Sovetskaia Khakasiia between 1941-1945
  • The database “newspapers of Khakasiia”

Note that the following collections are not currently available to U of I patrons:

  • The newspapers of “Soviet Khakasiia” between 1931-1940
  • Literary and art journals of Khakasiia