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Guide to Armenian Government Publications

E-gov.am: electronic government of the Republic of Armenia


According to the website description, e-gov. Am “… brings together the electronic governance tools and databases of the Armenian state agencies as well as providing comfortable environment of their use.”  The electronic government of the Republic of Armenia is the starting for researching the entire governmental structure of the Republic of Armenia.  In order to view the scope this portal, researchers can begin by selecting the “links” tab at the top right corner of the screen.  This central point for Armenian government documents supports dual language search interface for Armenian and English language.  After selecting the “links” tab, researchers can view the directory of official websites for all the branches of the Armenian state: President of the Republic of Armenia; the National Assembly of Armenia; the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Armenia; Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs; Ministry of Health care; Ministry of Justice; Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ministry of Nature Protection; Ministry of Agriculture; Ministry of Economy; Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources; Ministry of Education and Science; Ministry of Culture; Ministry of Defense; Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs; Ministry of Diaspora; Ministry of Territorial Administration; Ministry of Transport and Communication; Ministry of Urban Development; Ministry of Finance.  Moreover, researchers can explore and view the official website for departmental organs of the Armenia state, political parties, media, and cultural organizations.  For example: the Central Electoral Commission, Central Bank, National Security Service, National Statistics Service of Armenia, Old Manuscripts Depository, Armenian Genocide and Armenian Studies, and Regional Administrative System of Armenia.

Portal Access: https://www.e-gov.am/

The President of the Republic of Armenia


Language interface: Armenian, Russian, and English

As the president of the Republic of Armenia, Mr. Serzh Sargsyan maintains a robust on-line presence . Scholars and political scientists can browse through the official decrees, the structure of the office of the president [advisers, administrative staff, envoys, etc], transcripts of press conferences and interview,  and most importantly,  a collection of official documents.  The collection mainly consists of presidential decrees (2008-2012), signed laws (2012), and presidential directives (2012).  All documents listed on this website are in Armenian.

Access: http://www.president.am/hy/

The National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia



As the main legislative body in the republic, the National Assembly of Armenia’s official website is an invaluable guide to researchers and political scientists.  The right navigation bar consists of nine sections  and includes a directory of links for national, regional, and cultural institutions.  To connect users with the laws, decisions, addresses, and announcements of the Republic of Armenia, the site administrators have set up an alphabetical listing of subject areas [A-Z] and linked each subject or legislative topic to the full-text legislation passed the National Assembly of Armenia.  For example: if researchers are seeking a legislation on accounting in Armenia, then by clicking on “accounting,” the users will be taken directly to the legislation.  Since this website supports content in four languages [Russian, Armenian, French, and English], the interfaces for Armenian and Russian contain additional information not found in the English or the French [see above image].  Researchers are strongly encourage to view the Armenian version before proceeding to the English or French versions.

Access: http://www.parliament.am/

Constitutional Court


The official website for the Constitutional Court Of the Republic of Armenia supports interfaces in Armenian, Russian, and English.  This portal contains annual reports, national reports, Bulletin of the Constitutional Court, and importantly, the decisions of the Constitutional Court, which are available in PDF for 1996-2011 period.  In addition to the vast collection of legal documents, this portal to the Constitutional Court also supports an electronic library (approximately 40 works are available).

Court decisions

Access: http://www.concourt.am/

Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs


According to the ministry, this website contains information on regulations, legislative acts, social programs and departments within the ministry.  Access: http://www.mss.am/home/index.php?home.

Ministry of Education and Science


As the official website for the ministry, this online resource is the destination for official reports, legislation associated the education policies and reforms enacted since independence, and official communiques of the ministry.

Access: http://www.edu.am/

Հայաստանի Հանրապետության ֆինանսների նախարարությու = Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Armenia


The ministry is “… responsible for developing and implementing the Republic of Armenia government’s policy in the spheres of national income formation and the state finance managment.”  This website contains published reports, statistics, legislation, internal and external policies of the Republic of Armenia, and budgetary information.  Researchers can access the documents using Armenian and Engish language interfaces.

Access: http://www.minfin.am/

ՀՀ Ազգային Վիճակագրական Ծառայություն =Natsional’naia statisticheskaia sluzhba RA = National Statistical Service of the Republic of Armenia

Statistical agency of Armenia logo

The publication of official statistics in Armenia proper began with the establishment of the first statistical agency, “Statistical Department of Soviet Socialist Republic of Armenia,” on January 7, 1922.  According to the historical narrative published by the statistical agency, the first official census was conducted in 1926 and “covered the whole territory of the republic.”  Researchers seeking a comprehensive view of Armenian statistics should consult Statisticheskie publikatsii v SSSR: bibliograficheskii ukazatel [List of Armenian statistical publications found in this guide. Available ONLINE].

Statistical publications

Published in 1975, this guide to Soviet statistics covers published materials for the years 1918-1972. Statisticheskie publikatsii v SSSR: bibliograficheskii ukazatel is organized into the following sections:

  • statistical publications of the central governmental organs of the Soviet Union, including general statistical sborniki and spravochniki, as well as the works of the Tsentral’noe statisticheskoe upravelenie.
  • statistical publications of the governmental organs at the level of Soviet republics, as well as the levels of oblast’, krai, and city.
  • serial statistical publications published by the central government as well as the governments of the republics
  • materials from conferences, congresses, and planned publications [Source: Jacobs and Adamczyk].

As the main governmental body for collecting statistics, the National Statistical Service of the Republic of Armenia is tasked with the following mission:

  • to collect, process, summarize and publish statistical data,
  • to co-operate with state and local self-government bodies in collection of statistical information,
  • to develop and improve statistical methodologies, and coordinate data collection and dissemination according to international standards and classifications,
  • to organize statistical surveys,
  • to carry out population and agricultural censuses every 10 years,
  • to establish, maintain and update the business-register,
  • to ensure data security and statistical confidentiality,
  • to provide users with statistical information,
  • to ensure the transparency and access to aggregated statistical information and metadata,
  • to co-operate with international organizations and national statistical offices [as stated on the official website for the National Statistical Service].

As of 2013, the National Statistical Service of the Republic of Armenia maintains an extensive catalog of online publications for the years 1993-2012.  Moreover, the entire website supports search interfaces in Armenian, Russian and the English language.  Most of the documents posted by the agency is in PDF format.  Researchers can search and download statistical publications at:

Library catalog interfaceAccess:


In addition to the searchable database, the statistical agency has uploaded the entire catalog of statistical publications for 2012.  Researchers can access this catalog at: