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Legal Systems and Laws in Other Countries

It’s important to be informed about the laws and legal system of the country you will be staying.  Here are some helpful resources to do some research about your destination country. 


Legal Systems

  • Constitute Project – A great way to learn about a country’s legal system is to look over its constitution. Search the constitution of your destination country in this handy tool.
  • List of National Legal Systems – Wikipedia – This helpful listing from Wikipedia can give you an overview of the legal system of your destination country.  This could be a jumping-off point to do more in-depth research on your country’s system of laws and history.
  • CIA World Factbook – Legal System – This U.S. Government resource has a brief overview of types of legal systems and descriptions, as well as a country by country listing of legal systems.
  • Legal Systems Overview – Now that you’ve done some background searching about your destination country, you may need to make sense of some of the terminology. From Cornell University Law School’s Legal Information Institute, this overview of legal systems can help to define some terms and concepts surrounding constitutions, laws, and legal systems around the world.