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International and European Union Statistical Resources: Trade

U of I access onlyIndicates UIUC access only: must be on university network or able to authenticate using NetID


  • Foreign Trade Statistics
    Monthly statistical reports, imports and exports by country, trade balances, commodity trade. Also contains historical data back to 1991. Produced by the U.S. Census Bureau.
  • Nexis Uni U of I access only
    Searchable abstracts and indexes to statistical information from multiple government organizations, nonprofits, commercial publishers, etc. Of particular note is the access to intergovernmental (IGO) statistical sources. When a publication is available, links are given to a full-text web-based version. The reference numbers appearing in some entries correspond to microfiche statistical tables that can be accessed in the UIUC Government Documents Library.
  • SourceOECD U of I access onlyThe Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s SourceOECD provides a wealth of statistical resources. For international trade-related databases, click the gray STATISTICS tab on the main screen, then use the OECD Databases link on the left navbar. Select International Trade and Competetiveness or Monthly International Trade from the database list.Note: Non-UIUC affiliates can access OECD’s freely available statistics (a subset of those provided through SourceOECD) via the OECD Statistics Portal. See OECD International Trade Statistics.
  • UNCTAD Handbook of Statistics
    Compilation of data relevant for the analysis of world trade, investment and development for over 190 countries and territories and 50 economic or trade groups. Provides an interesting analysis of the structure of world trade flows. Includes trade in services. From the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. Free access, but registration is required.
  • UNCTAD-TRAINS (TRade Analysis and INformation System) Database
    Covers tariff, para-tariff and non-tariff measures as well as import flows by origin for more than 140 countries. From the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.
  • World Bank Trade Statistics
    Topic Indicators offer an overview of statistics in this research area. Users can choose a country or group from the drop-down menu to compare it to the aggregate figure for developing countries. Excel versions and time series data are available in the WDI CD-ROM and WDI Online (UIUC access only) databases. The index of indicators and their corresponding tables helps to navigate the contents of the sample tables.
  • World Trade Organization (WTO) International Trade Statistics
    Covers trade in merchandise and commercial services at world and regional level, plus historical developments of international trade. Broken down by country, region and economic grouping from 1980 onwards.

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