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International and European Union Statistical Resources: Eurostat

The official statistical office of the European Communities.

Eurostat collects data from the statistical offices of EU member countries “and harmonises them according to a single methodology. The data thus obtained are genuinely comparable for the European Union as a whole” (from “Introduction to Eurostat” in the Eurostat Practical Mini-Guide, linked to below).

Access to data on this site is, in general, free; most statistical publications are available as PDF files.  Custom data sets are available from Eurostat for a fee. If you are a UIUC affiliate interested in this service, please contact Lynne Rudasill.

Eurostat Help

  • Euro-Indicators provide “specialised access to short-term economic information.”
  • Statistical Themes: General Statistics; Economy and Finance; Population and Social Conditions; Industry, Trade, and Services; Agriculture and Fisheries; External Trade; Transport; Environment and Energy; and Science and Technology.
  • The Practical Mini-Guide to Eurostat provides a concise overview of Eurostat and its publications, web sites, and statistical themes.
  • Consider also taking the Eurostat new website tour