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Guide to European Union Legislation



CIA World Factbook. CIA.
Contains very basic, but helpful information about the European Union in general, including legislative information under the “government” heading.


Tracks the European Parliament’s legislative, budgetary, and other activities.

A searchable database of EU legislation. Provides details about the process each legislative document undergoes.

Preferences and Procedures: European Union legislative decision-making. Torsten J. Selck.
An advanced analysis of the EU legislative process, making use of models like computer simulation and game theory. (The cover is for a biological statistics book, but the rest of it is correct!)


EU institutions and other bodies. EUROPA.


Contains good, basic information about the institutions responsible for creating, upholding, and supporting European Union legislation.

European Commission.

European Parliament.

EU Council.

Court of Justice of the European Union.


Archive of European Integration (AEI). University of Pittsburgh.
A large repository of both primary documents and research articles on all facets of European integration and unification. Legislative research may benefit especially from the archive’s Law page.

Secondary Sources

European Business Law Review. 2002-2006.
Provides analysis of developments in European business law, including news on specific countries and coverage of EU directives, legislation, treaties, case notes and other related matters.

European Constitutional Law Review. 2005-present.
Includes analysis of EU constitutional law and its applications within EU member states.

European Environmental Law Review. 2003-2006.
Provides analysis of European environmental law and its impact on various countries, including the US.

European Law Journal. 1995-present.
Peer reviewed articles about European law in general.

“Summaries of EU legislation”: Everything you want to know about European legislation!. EUROPA.
Provides a 32-category breakdown of EU legislation, presented in a coherent and approachable manner. Each category contains thorough summaries of relevant legislation with helpful links throughout.

Primary Sources

Official Journal of the European Union. EUR-Lex.
Published every work day, the Official Journal (O.J.) is the EU’s official legislative record. The L Series contains EU legislation while the C Series contains reports and announcements including judgments of the Court of Justice and the Court of Auditors, as well as other institutions.

Application of EU Law

Application of EU Law. EUROPA.
Outlines the methods through which EU law is applied throughout the Member States. A brief but helpful overview.eu_Map

Constitutional Principles of EU External Relations. G. de Baere. 2008.
Education 342.240412 B145c
Contrasts the reality of EU constitutional law with its theoretical underpinnings.

EU environmental policy handbook: A critical analysis of EU environmental legislation; making it accessible to environmentalists and decision makers. Stefan Scheuer. 2005.
Education 363.7056094 Eu1
A useful reference for exploring the creation of environmental policy in the EU and the intended consequences of that policy.

EurActive. EurActive.
An independent and respected media portal dedicated to European Union activities.

Challenges of EU Legislation

Paradoxes of European Legal Integration. England Aldershot. 2008.
Law KJE960 .P37 2008
Explores European integration and the problems posed by conflicting policies and social systems.

Researching language and the law: textual features and translation issues. Davide S. Giannoni & Celina Frade. 2010.
Main Stacks 340.14 R311
Though not exclusively concerned with EU law, this book includes several chapter about the European Union and the importance and difficulty of translation in legislative circumstances.