Library Assessment - General Information

Assessment at Illinois

Library Assessment Committee
Membership and minutes of the committee
Current Assessment Projects
A list of ongoing activities at the University of Illinois
Library-Wide Surveys
Information on library-wide surveys, including LibQUAL+
Library Assessment Committee Grant
Library Assessment Committee Grant information

Assessment Resources

Library Assessment Events Calendar
Library assessment events information
Survey Tools
Websites, such as Survey Monkey, which can generate online surveys
Desk Tracker Information
Documentation on custom fields and Excel tools to aid in data processing
READ Scale
Information on the implementation of the READ Scale at U of I
Assessment Bibliography
Fundamental publications on assessment in the context of libraries
Assessment at Other Institutions
Links to other assessment programs, including several research universities

Data Sources

U of I Demographic Data
Sources of demographic data at U of I
Library Unit Annual Reports
The annual reports of library units [U of I NetID Required]
ARL Resources
Assessment resources at the Association of Research Libraries
ACRL Metrics
ACRL and NCES library statistics from 2000 to present [U of I NetID and additional login credential required. Please contact]
NCES Academic Libraries
The National Center for Education Statistics collects data biennially from over 3,700 postsecondary institutions