Office of Research Interim Contacts and Responsibilities - General Information

1.  Staffing and Hiring plan:  Merinda Hensley and Heidi Imker
Monitor staffing needs and prepare hiring requests;
Review hiring requests with AULs/Cabinet, and collaborating units

2.  Space planning:  Karen Hogenboom and Harriett Green
Liaison w/Jeff Schrader keep Scholarly Commons planning (220)
Planning for 3rd floor re-location of Office of Research

3.  Communication:  Merinda Hensley and Dan Tracy

  • Library tip of the month
  • LON
  • Office of Research annual report FY18
  • Library annual budget report input

Meetings, divisional communication
Strategic framework: organize input and tracking of points on the framework for strategic action

4.  Budget planning, reporting, and reductionsKaren Hogenboom
Manages AUL for Research discretionary fund
Provides input in Library budget planning, reporting, and reductions.
Coordinates GA and hourly wage requests

5.  HathiTrust Research Center (HTRC):  Harriett Green
Represents the Library on the HTRC Executive Management Committee; organizes Library staffing or financial commitments to HTRC in consultation with University Librarian

6.  Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Library/Research IT communicationsHeidi Imker, with Mark Zulauf for Experts-related matters and Karen Hogenboom for Research IT

7.  CAPT representative:  monthly—Helenmary Sheridan

8.  Liaison with Library Administration:  Harriett Green, Karen Hogenboom, Heidi Imker

Three tenured faculty and unit heads represent research-related needs and opportunities in the following Library conversations:

  • University Librarian
  • AULs (TBD when Interim AUL for Services appointed)
  • Cabinet (depending on topic)
  • Administrative Council monthly
  • EC/AULs monthly (depending on topic)

9.  Grant proposals, grant program reviews: Jennifer Teper
10.  Sabbatical applications review, vetting:  Nancy O’Brien, Vice Chair, Executive Committee
11.  RNUA (Report of Non-University Activities) reviewKim Matherly
12.  ARL SPEC Kit: University Librarian, as SPEC Kit information becomes available for 2018.