Off-campus proxy changes after March 3rd, 2021 

After March 3rd, 2021, if you are on the VPN and following Library electronic resources links from Easy Search, the Library Catalog, or Library web pages, you’ll be asked to sign in to the first resource you visit if you’re not already signed into the campus single-sign on system. This change addresses many issues people are having with accessing resources while using both the VPN and Library systems like Easy Search and the Library Catalog.  
Currently, people using the default Split-Tunnel VPN mode are redirected to the actual resource, bypassing the campus authentication. Now, VPN users will have those links act as if they were off-campus and will be directed through the Library proxy server.
This does not change behavior when going directly to a website, e.g., The Library still recommends people use Tunnel-All mode in this case.
If you run into issues that you think might be due to a combination of the VPN and proxy, please send an email to detailing what resource you’re trying to access and the behavior you’re seeing. 
More information can be found at Accessing databases on and off-campus.