Solving the World’s Challenges


Solving the World’s Challenges is an annual event that brings together scholars from different departments to share their research related to a challenge in the world. Following the presentation, panelists take questions from the audience and each other. The event is free and open to the public.

Series Objectives

  • Highlight the interrelated interests of the many colleges, departments, and institutes connected to the Funk ACES Library
  • Promote discussion and collaboration among researchers and guests
  • Showcase Funk ACES Library as an important partner in research, teaching, and learning for campus and the community

Topics and Panelists

2021: Exploring the Intersection of Agriculture & Health (virtual event April 15, 3pm, register here)

    • Hannah Holscher (Food Science & Human Nutrition)
    • Rebecca Smith (Veterinary Medicine)
    • Matthew Stasiewicz (Food Science & Human Nutrition)

2019: Biodiversity and Conservation

    • Conor O’Shea (Landscape Architecture): Wild Zones: Redesigning Chicago’s Landscape Ordinance
    • Daniel C. Miller (Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences): The Importance of Funding to Global Biodiversity Conservation
    • Milton Tan (Illinois Natural History Survey): Fantastic New Species and Where to Find Them

2018: Climate Change

    • Andrew Leakey (Plant Biology):  Plant Science for Sustainability and Resilience to Climate Change
    • Sally McConkey (Illinois State Water Survey): Inland Flood Hazards and Risk, the Impact of a Changing Climate
    • Bev Wilson (Urban & Regional Planning): Vulnerability to Heat Waves in the Chicago Area, Historical Trends and Data-Driven Mitigation Planning