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ACES Facilities

ACES Academic Computing Facility

Funk ACES building in winter

217-333-7255 I Map I Website

Provides College of ACES students with access to up-to-date computer lab equipment software for course-related and personal use in a supportive lab setting

CAT Media Commons

217-333-7255 I Map I Website

Located in Room 028 of the ACES LIAC, this facility provides a sound dampened studio in which students, faculty, and staff can create and edit multimedia.

ACES Alumni Office

ACES Alumni

217-333-7744 I Map I Website

ACES Career Services

Preparing for job interviews

217-333-1999 I Map I Website

ACES Library, Information and Alumni Center (LIAC)

Funk ACES building

(217) 244-1817 I Map I Website

Related Libraries

Business Information Services

Business Info Services

217-333-3619 | Website

Subjects covered: accounting, business administration, economics, finance, labor/employment relations

Government Information Services, Access and Collections

Government Information Services Logo

217-244-4621 | Map | Website

Subjects covered: Local, State, National, and International government information

Grainger Engineering Library Information Center

Grainger Library

217-333-3576 | Map | Website

Subjects covered: Engineering, physics, astronomy, geology

Library of the Health Sciences (UIC)

Medical Sciences Building

217-333-4893 I Map I Website

Subjects covered: medicine and nursing

Ricker Library of Architecture and Art

Ricker Library

217-333-0224 | Map | Website

Subjects covered: history of art, monographs on artists, sculpture, painting, drawing, photography, crafts, museology, art education, graphic design, industrial design, prints and printmaking, architecture, history and theory of design, historic preservation, professional practice and management, structures, and monographs on architects and building types.

Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library (SSHEL)

Entry to SSHEL

217-333-3615 I Map I Website

Subjects covered: anthropology; Asian American studies; children’s and young adult literature; economics; education; gender and women’s studies; geography and geographic information science; health; kinesiology; labor and employment relations; LGBT studies; library and information science; political science; psychology; recreation, sport, and tourism; social work; sociology; speech and hearing science

University Archives

Photograph of University Hall in 1915

217-333-0798 | Map | Website

Subjects covered: agriculture, biology, campus maps and planning, city planning and landscape architecture, environmental science, food and human nutrition, housing and urban development, natural resources, soil science, and many more.


Veterinary Medicine Library

veterinary medicine library

217-333-8778 I Map I Website

Subjects covered: veterinary and animal science


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