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Chicago Company Makes Major Collection Donation
February 15, 2017

This past fall, the Funk Library, which holds a special place in the hearts of those in the College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences (ACES), received a significant collection donation from a non-university, non-local firm in appreciation of the “jewel of the ACES campus.”

The Funk Library, which serves ACES, acquired nearly 1,400 planning documents developed from the 1970s through 2000s from the Chicago-based urban planning consulting firm of Camiros, Ltd. Professor and Head of Urban and Regional Planning Robert Olshansky, said, “Camiros is one of a small number of eminent, longstanding planning firms in Chicago. We greatly appreciate the donation of this unique collection of historic documents, as they record the evolution of thinking in our field.”

Founded in 1976, Camiros serves public and private clients across the nation, helping them to transform communities and provide their citizens a high quality of life. With a mission to create more livable communities, the firm has provided planning services to over 300 communities and more than 200 businesses. Camiros has established a national reputation built, in part, upon its in-depth research to develop and propose cutting-edge, implementable programs geared to the character of its client communities.

To facilitate its work, Camiros has, over the years, compiled a substantial print library offering both theoretical and practical insights into a broad range of urban planning topics. In addition to serving as a repository of its own work, the Funk Library served as a research tool for the firm’s consultants and its clients. Melody Allison, library liaison to the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, said, “We are extremely grateful to Camiros President William R. James, and Co-Founders Leslie S. Pollock and Jacques A. Gourguechon for selecting the University Library to donate this extraordinary collection. This gift will substantially add unique titles to our extensive collection of urban and regional plans and make an invaluable contribution to resources for scholarship for planning scholars and community planners. It will add to the breadth of our historic information; provide context for current development; inspire new, or retro, development; and help us better understand our past to better plan our future.”

The donated documents are accessible via the online Library Catalog at (search keyword “Camiros”). For more information about the Funk Library, please visit

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