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I was in grade school the first time I was taken into the Library, by a family friend. I remember that we discovered the first issue of 'Life' magazine, which seemed to me of incalculable antiquity. For many months in the mid-60s, I returned to the archives for a University Centennial project, paging through a century of back issues of the 'Daily Illini' to compile ‘An Illini Century,’ a centennial memory of undergraduate life. It was an exciting time; I had the feeling that I might find most anything in those pages, and I did—from Lorado Taft’s farewell to Urbana to Red Grange selling his car in the classified ads.

— Roger Ebert

BS, 1964

Library Fact:
Original Audubon Prints
John James Audubon published the original edition of Birds of America between 1840-1844. One of the 200 original sets is held in the Rare Book & Manuscript Library. Located in the foyer outside the Reading Room on the second floor is a display case holding a 1985 facsimile copy by Abbeville Press (purchased by Library Friends in 1987). A different Audubon print is on display each week.