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About the IDEA Lab

idea lab layout with room numbers
The IDEA Lab provides space and technology for collaboration, innovation, and entrepreneurship and supports a wide range of digital scholarship activities. The lab functions as a demonstration and prototyping site for exploring the interface between design learning, informatics, visualization, and data analytics. It features the informatics innovations and pioneering technologies that make the Grainger Engineering Library Information Center unique.

See below for more information about each of the IDEA Lab’s technologies.

3D Printer
VIS Wall
Virtual Reality

Visualization Wall
The Visualization Wall with two students standing in front of it
The Visualization Wall with two students standing in front of it

The Visualization Wall is intended for large group (12-15 people) presentation and viewing of audio/video content on the 8’x14’ 8K display wall, equipped with teleconferencing devices, and lounge seating with attached desks

  • The Wall is comprised of 16 46” monitors
  • 7,680 by 4,320 pixel, true 8K,  resolution
  • Powered by a high-end Windows 10 workstation with NVIDIA Quadro 6000 video card
  • Equipped with JBL studio monitor speakers

Immersive Learning Lab

a person uses vr
The Immersive Learning Lab is for large group (12-15 people) workshops, course labs, RSOs, campus eSports, equipped with high-end workstations for development, VR-content, and an instructor station that casts to two 84” wall-mounted displays.

Virtual & Augmented Reality Lab

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– The Virtual & Augmented Reality Lab for small group (4-6 people) experimentation and development support for VR/AR, including workstations, headsets, and support equipment.

  • Valve Index
  • HTC Vive Pro (with wireless kit)
  • Oculus Rift S
  • HoloLens 1 & 2

Informatics Lab
Professor Mischo demonstrating the Informatics Lab to a group of students
Professor Mischo demonstrating the Informatics Lab to a group of students

An Informatics Laboratory for work on information discovery and database technologies

  • A mini-visualization wall comprised of 4 55″ monitors
  • True 8K resolution
  • Four 65” mobile touchscreen monitors with attached workstations

Pitch Room

The Pitch Room is for medium group (4-8 people) presentations. Equipped with a 84” wall-mounted display, A/V support equipment, and lounge seating.

Software UI/UX Usability Lab

*Coming Soon*
The Usability Lab for small group (4-6 people) usability sessions, including a moderator workstation, multiple high-res webcams, and support software and equipment for conducting experiments and recording outcomes.

Innovator Design Rooms
Innovator Design Room
Rooms A – E, medium group (4-8 people) work rooms for collaborating on discovery, design, and data projects.
  • 58″ mobile high-definition monitors with attached workstations
  • Whiteboards
  • Mobile tables & chairs

Collab Rooms

Collaboration Table

Rooms 002 – 007, Collab Rooms are for small group (2-6 people) with tables and displays for group project work

  • 4′ x 6′ collaboration tables with attached 42” monitors
  • Solstice pods for device mirroring
  • Six Extron switch cables (4 HDMI; 2 VGA)

IDEA Lab Policies
  • All campus members are welcome during operating hours.
  • Valid reservations are required for all spaces and technology.
  • No food is allowed (unless prior arrangements are made).

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