A meta-build system primary used in many cross-platform C and C++ applications.

CMake Homepage


Open-source software and code library for managing image metadata.

Exiv2 Homepage

Google Tesseract

Open-Source software and code library from Google that performs OCR.

Google Tesseract Homepage

JPEG 2000

Compression standard and file format for storing image data.

Kakadu Encoder

Propriety software for encoding JPEG 2000 files.

Kakadu Homepage

Optical Character Recognition

A processes that converts images of characters to text.

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Programming language used to develop Speedwagon

Python Homepage

Python Package

A collection of Python code that is bundled up for end-user distribution or reuse in another Python project.

Tessdata Directory

The location on your computer for where Speedwagon can direct Tesseract to the language data files id needs to identify text characters within image files.

This exact location on your computer can be found in the system Settings for Speedwagon.