Robert B. Teska Collection–Reports Related to Transportation

These include the various documents related to transportation planning. Within this category there are about 45 documents prepared by Mr. Teska himself or under his supervision at some point of his career.

ChicagoTrafficThe documents compiled under this category include the following topics:
1. Interchange Area Planning

2. Urbanized Areas Transportation Studies

3. Thoroughfare Plans

4. Highway and Land Use Relationships

5. Pedestrian Circulation Studies

6. Transportation Planning and its Impacts on Development

7. Auto Free Zones

8. Traffic and Parking Analysis

9. Corridor Revitalization Studies

10. Transit Oriented Development

Reports Related to Transportation

For ease of viewing the section has been broken down into the following time periods:

The reports in the time period 1963 – 1970 are listed below in chronological order:

S. No. Title Date 
1 Current Laws and Practices Affecting Interchange Area Planning: Supplementary Report No. 1 November 1963
2 Recommendations for the Revision of the 1950 Major Plan: Village of Northbrook, Illinois February 1964
3 Decatur Urbanized Area Transportation Study: Interim Reports December 1965
4 Preliminary Procedure for Forecasting Land-Use and Socioeconomic Factors of Comprehensive Transportation Planning Programs in Small and Medium Sized Metropolitan Areas January 1966
5 A Statement on the Economic Importance of Improving Wisconsin State Highway 15 to Freeway Standards By 1972 April 1966
6 Current Laws and Practices Affecting Interchange Area Planning: Supplementary Report No. 1 August 1966
7 Illinois Interchange Area Development: Supplementary Report No. 2 August 1966
8 Case Studies of Selected Interchange Areas: Supplementary Report No. 3 August 1966
9 Works done for Decatur Urbanized Area Transportation Study October 1966
10 Decatur Urbanized Area Transportation Study: Economic Factors Questionnaires
11 Prospectus for the Continuing Comprehensive Transportation Planning Process for Decatur Urbanized Area
12 Thoroughfare Plan: City of Lake Forest, Illinois March 1967
13 The Continuing Process for Comprehensive Transportation Planning August 1967
14 1967 Thoroughfare Plan for the Village of Palatine, Illinois December 1967
15 Highway and Land Use Relationships in Interchange Areas January 1968
16 Joint Project Concept: Integrated Transportation Corridors January 1968
17 Pedestrian Circulation for Gateway Center May 1969
18 Decatur Urbanized Area Transportation Study: Interim Reports July 1969
19 Urban Transportation and Land Use Coordination August 1969
20 Evaluation of Transportation Planning and Its Impact on Regional Development August 1969
21 Commuter Parking at Highway Interchanges March 1970
22 Is it Safe to Breathe? April 1970
23 Decatur Urbanized Area Transportation Study: A Summary Report May 1970

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The reports from 1971 onwards are listed below in chronological order:

S. No. Title Date 
24 High Accessibility Corridors in Metropolitan Areas September 1971
25 Auto Free Zones: A Methodology for their Planning and Implementation February 1972
26 The Bluemound Road Corridor – Brookfield, Wisconsin: Development Alternatives and the Transportation System-Initial Findings and Recommendations May 1972
27 First National Bank of Evergreen Park: Traffic and Parking Analysis November 1972
28 Development Guidelines for the I-94 High Accessibility Corridor December 1973
29 South Third Street Parking Study, Geneva, Illinois February 1980
30 Tavern in the Park – Access and Parking Implications November 1981
31 Lincoln Park Cafe – Access and Parking Implications March 1982
32 Parking Policy Study October 1983
33 Parking Study – North Avenue, Lake Street and Madison Street December 1986
34 Urban Design Guidelines for the Evanston Transportation Center July 1987
35 State Street Corridor Revitalization Concept September 1989
36 The State Street Corridor Revitalization Plan April 1990
37 Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program Application for the Army Trail Road Historic Corridor February 1993
38 Strategic Regional Arterial Project: Compatible Land Use and Transportation Management Techniques June 1994
39 Transit Oriented Development March 1995
40 Transit Oriented Development March 1995
41 Broadview, Illinois Roosevelt Road Corridor Revitalization Plan June 1996
42 79th Street Corridor Redevelopment Project and Tax Increment Plan March 1998
43 69th Street Corridor Designation Report April 1998
44 Downtown Evanston Transit, Circulation and Development Study November 2001
45 Odgen Avenue Traffic Improvement Study – Reconnaissance Phase

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