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Business Information Services’ mission is to to enhance the knowledge of business research by providing trusted advice on which resources are the best, appropriate, accessible through the University Library, Gies College of Business, the University of Illinois, other institution or through a paywall site.

What We Offer

BIS provides research strategy consultations for Gies College of Business researchers and business-related educators with services such as:

  • Assistance with Securities Data Corp (SDC) Platinum research data screening & data set creation
  • Assistance with getting started using WRDS
  • Assistance with locating indicators/events of corporate and nonprofit innovation over time via secondary sources such as historical newspapers, SEC Filings, annual reports, and industry reports
  • Assistance in locating appropriate and existing datasets for organizational structure, location and firm performance over time
  • Referrals to experts within the University Library, the Gies College of Business, the University of Illinois and other institutions

In addition, BIS collaborates with Gies and other Library faculty for instruction of fundamentals of business intelligence utilizing various library and external resources.  The BIS Librarian belongs to the Academic Business Library Directors (ABLD) consortia, which influences the development of new products and services for the academic business library market.



  • Becky Smith
    Associate Professor, BIS Librarian
    Email: becky@illinois.edu
    Phone: (217) 244-0388
    Business collections strategist, SDC Platinum research and business time-series dataset discovery expert, instructor for fundamentals of business intelligence for companies & industries, teaching/learning collaborator with Gies College of Business and University Library faculty.
    Subjects: accountancy, tax, management, organizational behavior & design, supply chain & operations, strategy & business policy, international business, finance, business history, and academic business education.


Hours: By appointment only
Email: bis@library.illinois.edu
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