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Environmental Psychology Resources

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Surveys and Textbooks

  • Bechtel, R. B. (1997). Environment & behavior: An introduction. Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Sage. Education 155.9 B387e.
  • Bell, P. A., Greene, T. C., Fisher, J. D., & Baum, A. (2001). Environmental psychology. 5th ed.. Belmont, CA: Thomson Wadsworth. Ricker Library 155.9 B413e2001 Judging by the many editions this work has gone through (the first was published in 1978), one of the more successfully environmental psychology textbooks.
  • Bonnes, M. & Secchiaroli, G. (1995). Environmental psychology: A psycho-social introduction. Montagna, C., trans. London: Sage. Education 155.9 B643e
  • Cassidy, T. (1997). Environmental psychology: Behaviour and experience in context. Hove, UK: Psychology Press. Education 155.9 C273e
  • Veitch, R. & Arkellin, D. (1995). Environmental psychology: an interdisciplinary perspective. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall. Undergraduate Library 155.9 V537E

Monographic Series

  • Advances in environmental psychology. Hilsdale, NJ: Erlbaum, 1978–1986. Six volumes. Stacks 155.9 Ad95.


  • Kruse, L. & Arlt, R. (1984). Environment and behavior : An international and multidisciplinary bibliography, 1970–1981. (Vols. 1–2). New York: Saur. Stacks 016.1559 K945E.
    “This bibliography is the first multidisciplinary and international compilation of literature representing the field of environment-behavior studies for 1970 on.” Includes citations and abstractions of both monographic and serial literature.
  • Wohlwill, J. F. & Weisman, G. D. (1981). The physical environment and behavior: An annotated bibliography and guide to the literature. New York: Plenum Press. Ricker Library Reference, City Planning Library Reference 016.3042 W827P.
    A classified and annotated bibliography of journal and monographic literature and dissertations.
  • White, W. P., ed. (1979). Resources in environment and behavior. Washington, D.C. : APA. Stacks 301.3 R3123.

Literature Reviews

Until the mid-1990s overviews of recent research in Environmental psychology were regularly published in the Annual Review of Psychology.

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Finding Articles: Indexes and Databases

Due to the interdisciplinary character of the field, there is not a single database that covers all journal publications relevant to research in environmental psychology.The results of such research are reported in architectural, design, planning, geographic, and related publications, as well as in the psychological literature. As a result, it is necessary to search multiple bibliographic sources to find pertinent research.

Major Indexes

Together the following databases provide coverage of most of the relevant literature.

  • Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals. For work on environmental psychology and environmental design appearing in architectural and related periodicals. It includes citations for more popular treatments as well as scholarly articles.
  • InformeDesign. “Where research informs design.” A clearing house for design research, provided through the collaboration of the University of Minnesota and the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). Among other features, it includes a classified index and summaries of research appearing in selected peer-reviewed journals.
  • PsycINFO. The major index for psychological literature, including many publications in environmental psychology, often with full text available.

Supplementary Databases

Depending on the specific area of investigation a number of other databases and indexes may include relevant material.

Core Journals

These three journals are devoted almost exclusively to the publication and review of research in environmental psychology. Titles link to online versions where available.

  • Environment and Behavior . 1969–. Published in cooperation with EDRA, this journal provides perspectives from a variety of disciplines on the interaction of humans with their environments. It includes book reviews and discussions as well as original research reports. Published six times a year. Last ten years in City Planning Library, earlier volumes in the Main Stacks 309.2605 EN.
  • Journal of Architecture and Planning Research (JAPR). 1984–. Continues The Journal of Architectural Research (1970–). Connects theoretical and empirical research with architectural and urban planning practice. Quarterly. Last ten years in Ricker and City Planning Libraries, earlier years in Main Stacks. 711.1305 JO.
  • Journal of Environmental Psychology. 1981–. Contains multidisciplinary research on the relationships and transactions between people and their socio-physical environments. Includes occasional in-depth book reviews. Quarterly. Physical copies in the Ricker Library.

Other Journals

While they are not devoted solely to environmental psychology, relevant research articles often appear in the following journals. Also included are some environmental psychology journals that have ceased publication.

  • Architectural Science Review . 1958–. Recent issues in Ricker Library, bound volumes in Main Stacks Q. 720.5 ARS.
  • Architecture & Comportement = Architecture & Behavior. 1980–1995, ceased. Main Stacks 720.103 AR25
  • ARQ: Architecture Research Quarterly. 1995–. Ricker Library.
  • Building and Environment . 1964–. Recent issues in Ricker Library, older volumes in Main Stacks Q. 690.5 BUS.
  • Environment and Planning. A family of journals concerned broadly with theoretical and empirical research on space and spatial arrangement.
  • Environment and Urbanization . 1989–. Recent issues in City Planning Library.
  • Human Ecology . 1972–. Last 10 years in Education Library (Print cancelled 2004). Previous vols. in Main Stacks 301.305 HU.
  • Journal of Environmental Planning & Management . 1992–. Continues Planning Outlook. Recent issues City Planning Library, bound volumes in Main Stacks 710.105 PLO1.
  • Journal of Planning Literature . 1985–. Also includes abstracts of planning literature appearing in other publications. Past ten years in City Planning Library, earlier volumes in Main Stacks 711.405 JOP.
  • Journal of Urban Affairs . 1981–. Formed from the union of Urban Interest and Urban Affairs. Past ten years in City Planning Library, earlier volumes in Main Stacks 307.7605 JO.
  • Man-Environment Systems. 1969–1987. Ceased. Main Stacks 301.305 MANE.
  • Open House International. 1976–. Current issues in Ricker Library, bound volumes, beginning with vol. 8 (1983) in Main Stacks Q. 728.05 OP.
  • Places . 1983–. Complete run in Ricker Library, last five years in City Planning Library, older volumes in Main Stacks 711.05 PLA.

Newsletters, etc.

While they do not contained peer-reviewed articles or detailed reports of research, the following periodicals can be helpful in keeping up-to-date on professional activities in the field.

  • Design Research News (DRN). Published by EDRA, provides news of current developments in environmental design research, including organizational activities.
  • Population and Environmental Psychology . The newsletter of Division 34 of the APA. Published twice a year, the spring issue contains abstracts of relevant papers to be presented at the APA convention.
  • Research Design Connections . 2002–. “The knowledge tool to create great places.” Commercially oriented magazine on the application of research to environmental design. City Planning 745.4 RE.

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Professional Associations

These associations, through conferences, publications, and websites, play a major role in the dissemination of research in environmental psychology.

Laboratories and Research Centers

There are a number of important research centers for environmental psychology and design. This often provid helpful information about current directions in the field.

Some Graduate Programs

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Reference Sources


  • Bechtel, R. & Churchman, A. eds., (2002). Handbook of environmental psychology. New York: Wiley. Education Library Reserves Q. 155.9 H1913. The most recent overview of the field. It details major theoretical and methodological approaches and their applications to practical issues, as well as their connections with other disciplines.
  • Stokols, D. & Altman, I., eds. (1987). Handbook of environmental psychology. (2 vols.) New York: Wiley. Ricker Library Reference, City Planning Library, Education Library 155.9 H1912. A comprehensive overview of the field; despite its date and the subsequent publication of the second edition this substantial work remains very useful. Includes significant coverage of the international aspects of the field.
  • Wapner, S., et al., eds. (1997). Handbook of Japan Handbook of Japan-United States Environment-Behavior Research: Toward a Transactional Approach. New York: Plenum. Education Library 155.90952 H191. Provides cross-cultural perspectives on environmental psychology in Japan and the United States, includes a mix of synoptic studies and more specific research reports.

Guides to Research and Methodology

  • Bechtel, R. B., Marans, R. W., & Michelson, W. (1987). Methods in environmental and behavioral research. New York: Van Nostrand. Ricker Library, Main Stacks 155.9 M566. Essays on a variety of methodological approaches, both quantitative and qualitative, employed by environment and behavior researchers.
  • Groat, L. & Wang, D. (2002). Architectural Research Methods. New York: Wiley, 2002. Ricker Closed Stacks 720.1 G892a. A general guide to research for architects, including methods for data collection and interpretation employed in the psychological study of the built environment.
  • Laurel, B., ed. (2003). Design research: Methods and perspectives. Cambridge: MIT Press. Ricker Library 745.2 D4605. Provides guidance, both theoretical and practical, for the application of research, including psychological research, to the design process.
  • Sommer, R. & Sommer, B. (2002). A Practical guide to behavioral research: tools and techniques. 5th edition. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Ricker Closed Stacks, Education Reference 150.72 So55p2002. A general interdisciplinary guide to both quantitative and qualitative approaches, readily applicable to environmental psychology. (One of the authors is a prominient environmental psychologist.) Recommends a multi-method approach. Includes advice on observation techniques, survey design and administration, mapping, etc.
  • Zeisel, J. (2006). Inquiry by design : environment/behavior/neuroscience in architecture, interiors, landscape, and planning. Revised edition. New York: Norton. Ricker Closed Stacks, City Planning Library 155.9 Z36i 2006. Latest edition of this classic text, first published in 1981. It provides both theoretical and practical guidance for the use of environmental psychology research in designing and evaluating built environments.

Conference Proceedings

  • Proceedings of the international conference of the Environmental Design Research Association. Annual 1969– Contains abstracts of papers presented at the EDRA conferences, along with a selection of complete papers. Ricker Library, City Planning Library 729.2 EN88. A cumulative index for vols. 1–28 (1969–1997) is available in the Ricker Closed Stacks. For conferences occurring after 1993, partial lists of contents are available in ProceedingsFirst, and individual papers are selectively listed in PapersFirst.
  • IAPS Digital Library Indexes and abstracts papers presented at the biennial IAPS and EPUK Conferences, with some additional material. Full text is available for many papers, many of which have not otherwise been published.

Other Resources

  • Archnet An online community for architects, urban planners, conservationists, etc. with a non-exclusive focus on Muslim civilization. The digital library includes, among other items, papers from Environmental Design: Journal of the Islamic Environmental Design Research Centre.
  • Cyburbia: the Planning Community A portal and networking site for urban planning and related fields. Includes news, a classified guide to online resources, a “Planning Wiki,” discussion forums, and other features.
  • Farmer, B. & Louw, H. eds. Companion to contemporary architectural thought. London: Routledge. Ricker Reference Q. 720.1 C738. Wide ranging overview of architectural theory that provides a great deal of helpful information on the psychology of the built environment.
  • Ramachandran, V. S. (1994). Encyclopedia of human behavior. (4 vols.) San Diego: Academic Press. Education Reference, Main Reference Q. 150.3 EN194. Provides helpful introductions to and overviews of some of the concepts employed in environment and behavior research.
  • Spielberger, C. D. (2004). Encyclopedia of applied psychology. (3 vols.) Amsterdam: Elsevier. Education Reference Q. 158.03 En193. Quite broad in scope, a number of articles in this work are relevant to environmental psychology.

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