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Current Services and Resources

Ricker Library Services, Fall 2021

For the dates of January 18 through May 13, with adjustments according to holidays and breaks, we anticipate the following hours:

Sunday, 1-8pm
Monday-Thursday, 10am-8pm
Friday, 10am-5pm
Saturday, closed.

We will be open to the public and access to the collections, study tables, computers, and scanners will be offered. Please comply with all university mandates on testing and face coverings in order to use our services.

Reserves for Spring 2022

We are offering Reserves. Please send your reserve list to Ricker Library reserves coordinator Elisabeth Paulus, epaulus2@illinois.edu at your earliest convenience.



We will work with professors individually to facilitate library-based teaching, whether covering research topics or pulling books from our circulation collection or our vault collection based on communication with the instructor on what makes sense for the class in question. We will also communicate whether the class should visit the library, the librarian comes to the classroom, or if it’s an online class session.


Research Consultations

We anticipate continuing individual research consultations as remote unless the research question indicates otherwise. You can set up an appointment here.


Services across the University Library for Spring 2022

The University Library plans to provide a comprehensive set of onsite and remote services for the Fall 2021 semester.

All Library units will be open regularly scheduled weekday hours to members of the campus community and the general public. Many units, including major service locations, will also have weekend hours. Specific unit hours will be communicated through the Hours and Locations tab on the University Library website.

Library users will be able to request materials from the print collections for delivery to many library pick up locations, or through campus mail if eligible. All of the Library’s licensed electronic resources will be available to members of the campus community. Library faculty and staff will provide a suite of onsite services similar to those provided prior to the pandemic, including study space, reference consultations, physical course reserves, on-site and remote instruction, support for class visits, and the browsing of open stacks. Special Collections will be available for onsite consultation and use.

Several of the remote services developed during the pandemic will continue to be available where possible given staff availability and copyright restrictions.

Information about the University Library’s current services and resources can be found on the library’s general information on services webpage.


We have continued to acquire collections throughout the pandemic, prioritizing online offerings while ensuring that we don’t miss anything important in print. If you need something that we do not have, please request it by providing the information to rickerlibrary@library.illinois.edu.


Requests for books in the collection are made through the catalog, and will be provided either digitally or in print.

Images of Ricker items for Teaching and Research

A lot of our instruction sessions and reference appointments have featured items in our vault and closed stacks collections and encouraged students to interact with the materials. We are implementing a photo setup to photograph materials so that they can be used for your classes – more soon, but if you know you would want to use this service please let us know at rickerlibrary@library.illinois.edu. Even better if you know what you’d want to have photographed. Additionally, we can use our document camera set up to provide live video access to specific items in our vault collections.