June 2012 Program in the U.S.

Eleven Chinese librarians including one observer from various Chinese libraries will participate in the Professional Development Program in the US from June 6th to June 26th, 2012.

The Chinese library directors' full itinerary are:

  • one week at UIUC campus to get an overview of the workings of American libraries, June 6 to June 12;
  • three days at Chicago to visit American Library Association,the Oak Park Library and Chicago Public Library, June 13 to June 15;
  • four days at U.S.host libraries(New York,Skokie and Washington,DC), June 16 to June 19;
  • one week at ALA conferences in Anaheim, CA, June 20 to June 26---view the agenda.
Name Bio information What to learn from the visit
NY Group
Youren Li
Youren Li
Yunnan Provincial Library

09,2003--present:Yunnan Provincial Library,Curator

10,2001--09,2003:Yunnan Provincial Photo Service,Director

06,1994--10,2001:Cultural Bureau of Li Jiang,Yunnan,Director

-interlibrary services

-library Services for People with Disabilities

-library Services to Children, Teens and Families

-library Policies

Guanhua Qiu
Guanhua Qiu
Suzhou Library

2011--present:Resigned and Specialized in libraries researching

2002--2011:Head Curator of Suzhou Library

1992--2002:Suzhou Cultural Bureau

1986--1992:Suzhou Performance Management Office

-law and regulations of establishing a Library in U.S.

-policies of library collections and policies of service providing

-library Services and Actives, including Parent-child reading

-relationship and cooperation between public libraries and local schools

-composition, Resources Sharing and the Management of main and branch libraries

Haizhen Zhong
Haizhen Zhong
Deputy Director
Guizhou Provincial Library

Ms.Zhong has been working for Guizhou Provincial Library since 1977 alternating in:Library Information Service unit,research department,the Center of Ancient Books.Now she is the Deputy Director of Guizhou Provincial Library and was elected to be Secretary-General of Guizhou Provincial Library Association.

-public library services in U.S.

-digital Preservation Development in public library

Xuming Zou
Xunming Zou
Deputy Director
Hunan Provincial Library

2003--present:Hunan Provincial Library,Deputy Director

1998--2003:Yueyang Library,Hunan

1984--1988:Library Information Department,Nankai University

-public library policy in U.S.

-library management

-marketing and Promotion of Library Services

IL Group
Fanyu He
Fanyu He
Deputy Director
Hainan Provincial Library

2005.7--present:Hainan Library,Deputy Curator

1996.3--2005.7:Hainan Publishing House,Director

1989.12--1996.3:Xinghua Bookstore of Hainan branch,Section chief

1987.7--1989.12:Administration of Press and Publication of Zhejiang Province,Officer

-latest tools and methods used by U.S Libraries to manage the preservation and utilization of ancient books

-strategies used by public libraries in the U.S to improve public's utilizing rate of library resource

Xiaolin Ji
Xiaolin Ji
Deputy Director
Tianjin TEDA Library

2000--present:TEDA Library,Deputy Curator

1987--2000:Tianjin Development Zone Books Archive,Curator

-public library services in U.S.

-networking and resource sharing in library

-special library services in U.S.

DC Group
Ruijuan Huo
Ruijuan Huo
Secretary General
National Library of China

2011--present:Library Society of China,Deputy Secretary General

2004--2010:National Library of China,Vice Head of Library Office

2003--2004:Catalog Department,National Library of China,Librarian

-Public Library System and the relevant regulations

Xiaoqiu Li
Xiaoqiu Li
Neimenggu Autonomous Region Library

2005--present:Inner Mongolia library,Director

2001--2005:Inner Mongolia people’s art center,Director

2000--2001:Chifeng Culture organization,Vice Director

1985--2000:Chifeng library,Director

-Antique Books Preservation,especially for minority’s culture

Bohan Liu
Bohan Liu
Deputy Director of Collection and Reading
National Library of China

2002--2010:human resources management,National Library of China

2010--present:stack Management & Reading Services Department,National Library of China

-disaster & preservation planning for libraries

-public digitization and streaming services

More coming soon while event ends...

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