June/July 2010 Program in the U.S.

Twenty-one Chinese library directors and project observers, Jingbo Hu and Yue Wu will participate in the Professional Development Program in the US from June 14th to July 2th, 2010. Their itineraries will include:

Chinese Library Directors and Project Observer Information:

Name Working Library Hosting Library
Li, Jun Kelamayi Library of Xinjiang Autonomous Region Library of Congress, DC
Deng, Juying Capital Library Library of Congress, DC
Huang, Yan Guangxi Provincial Library Library of Congress, DC
Li, Yonghui Shangdong Provincial Library San Jose Public LibrarySan Jose,CA
Tang, Xuyan Hubei Provincial Library San Jose Public LibrarySan Jose,CA
Zhang, Yong Hunan Provincial Library San jose Public Library,San Jose,CA
Deng, Fengying Taiyuan Library San Jose Public Library, San Jose,CA
Fan, Bingsi Ischool of East China Normal University Denton, Tx
Yang, Yulin Ischool of Northwestern University Denton, Tx
Hu, Jingpo Secretary Department of Library Society of China Denton, Tx
lin, Xudong Anhui Provincial Library El Paso
Cai, Rongsheng Jiangxi Provincial Library El Paso
Fan, Guangfeng Shaanxi Provincial Library Albany
Liu, Zhengwei Qinghai Provincial Library Albany
Li, Zhuo Tianjin Library NY
Wu, Zheng Nanjing Library NY
Zhang, Dayao Heilongjiang Provincial Library NY
Liu, Lei Shenzhen Library Skokie
Liu, Weiguang Fujian Provincial Library Skokie
Zhong, Qiong Guilin Library Skokie

More coming soon while event ends...

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