September 2009 Continuing Education Program in China

(Xi'An, ShanXi Province and LanZhou, GanSu Province, Sep. 8th - Sep. 20th)

Presenter Bios and Presentation Abstracts and Powerpoint Files

These topics are the most desired ones that the Chinese librarians would like to learn about, based on the Library Society of China's survey at the beginning of the project.

Name(in alphabetical order)  Presentation Topic  Presentation Powerpoint
Hung-yun Chang, Presenter Bio Public library services Abstract Part 1
Barbara Ford, Presenter Bio Overview; Library professional education and development; Library association Abstract Part 1 [Presented by Haiwang Yuan]
Part 2 [Presented by Shuyong Jiang]
Part 3 [Presented by Yuan Yao]
Shuyong Jiang, Team leader and PI Bio Library assessment; Library Management & Operation Abstract Part 1
Part 2
Yuan Yao, Presenter Bio Library laws; Academic libraries; Special libraries Abstract Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Haiwang Yuan, Presenter Bio Public relations Abstract Part 1

Open Session/Pre-training at Chicago [View the Photo Gallery]

To better promote this educational program, the grant project held a pre-trip training on Friday 8pm-10pm, July 10th at Palmer House Salon II, Chicago during the ALA Annual Conference for both the September and October presenters.

Agenda and Presentations:

  1. Introduction--Shuyong (5 minutes)

  2. Selection report /How to make your case --Lisa Zhao and Karen Wei (15 minutes)

  3. Team Members Sharing Experience
    • April –Win Shih (15 minutes)
    • May (45 minutes)
      • LSC’s feedback -- Shuyong
      • Susan Schnuer for the opening and project observation
      • ShaLi Zhang for the team in Beijing and Nanjing
      • Team Members  Sharing Experience—Lisa Zhao, Mengxiong Liu

  4. Observation, Project Evaluator, Dr. Hwa-wei Li (10 minutes)

  5. Chinese Library Director Group Sharing (10 minutes)

  6. Q & A (20 minutes)

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