May 2012 Continuing Education Program in Suzhou and Changchun, China

Presenter Bios and Presentation Abstracts and Powerpoint Files

These topics are the most desired ones that the Chinese librarians would like to learn about, based on the Library Society of China's survey at the beginning of the project.

Name(in alphabetical order)   Presentation Abstract Presentation Powerpoint
Qi Chen, Presenter Bio Abstract Topic: Library Management and Operational Mechanisms--Library Management, Administration, Services and Good Practices
Lina Ding, Presenter Bio Abstract Topic:Public Library Services and Related Policies
Clement Chu-Sing Lau, Presenter Bio Abstract Topic:Library Law: Principles, Cases, Development
Scott Walter, Presenter Bio Abstract 1
Abstract 2
Topic 1:Professional Education for Academic Librarians: From Core Competencies to Continuing Education
Topic 2:Assessment Programs in Academic Libraries: Overview of an Emerging Field
Karen Wei, Presenter Bio Abstract 1
Abstract 2
Topic 1:Public Library Assessment and Professional Development
Topic 2: Profile of the Library Associations and Their Roles
Angela Yang, Presenter Bio Abstract 1
Abstract 2
Topic 1:Public Library Services
Topic 2:Public Relations

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