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Currently we're on Voyager release 7.2.5 for the staff client and 6.5.3 for the online catalog

Voyager Service Commitment


Units to Locations Table

Unit Location Code Location Name
Africana afinp-nc Africana/Afro-Americana In Process [non-circulating]

afr-nc Africana/Afro-Americana Reference [non-circulating]
Afro-Americana afam-nc Afro-Americana [non-circulating]
Agriculture (Funk ACES) agatl-nc ACES Atlases [non-circulating]

agcl ACES Closed Stacks

agcl-nc ACES Closed Stacks [non-circulating]

agcom ACES Compact Stacks

agcom-nc ACES Compact Stacks [non-circulating]

agdic-nc ACES Dictionaries [non-circulating]

agenc-nc ACES Encyclopedias [non-circulating]

aginp-nc ACES In Process [non-circulating]

agnew ACES New Books

agoff-nc ACES Office [non-circulating]

agoffice ACES Office

agr-nc ACES Reference [non-circulating]

agres ACES Reserves

agres-nc ACES Reserves [non-circulating]

agrr-nc ACES Ready Reference [non-circulating]

agst2 ACES Stacks2

agst2-nc ACES Stacks2 [non-circulating]

agstr-nc ACES Reference Stats [non-circulating]



agx ACES

agx-nc ACES [non-circulating]
Applied Life Studies albrun-nc Applied Life Studies Brundage [non-circulating]

alinp-nc Applied Life Studies In Process [non-circulating]

alnew Applied Life Studies New Books

alr-nc Applied Life Studies Reference [non-circulating]

alres Applied Life Studies Reserves

alres-nc Applied Life Studies Reserves [non-circulating]

alx Applied Life Studies

alx-nc Applied Life Studies [non-circulating]
Architecture and Art (Ricker) aaacl-nc Architecture & Art Closed Stacks [non-circulating]


aaainp-nc Architecture & Art In Process [non-circulating]

aaanew Architecture & Art New Books

aaar-nc Architecture & Art Reference [non-circulating]

aaares Architecture & Art Reserves

aaares-nc Architecture & Art Reserves [non-circulating]

aaavlt-nc Architecture & Art Vault [non-circulating]

aaax Architecture & Art

aaax-nc Architecture & Art [non-circulating]
Asian asexch-nc

aso Asian Oversize

aso-nc Asian Oversize [non-circulating]

asr-nc Asian Reference [non-circulating]

asres Asian Reserves

asres-nc Asian Reserves [non-circulating]

assp Asian Special Collections

assp-nc Asian Special Collections [non-circulating]

asx Asian

asx-nc Asian [non-circulating]
Biology bibib-nc Biology Bibliographies [non-circulating]

bicl-nc Biology Closed Stacks [non-circulating]

biinp-nc Biology In Process [non-circulating]

binew Biology New Books

binew-nc Biology New Books [non-circulating]

biper Biology Periodicals [cannot be requested]

bir-nc Biology Reference [non-circulating]

bires Biology Reserves

bires-nc Biology Reserves [non-circulating]

bit Biology Theses

bit-nc Biology Theses [non-circulating]

bix Biology

bix-nc Biology [non-circulating]
Business and Economics cmrnew Business & Economics New Books

cmrnew-nc Business & Economics New Books [non-circulating]

cmrper-nc Business & Economics Periodicals [non-circulating]

cmrr-nc Business & Economics Reference [non-circulating]

cmrres Business & Economics Reserves

cmrres-nc Business & Economics Reserves [non-circulating]

cmrx Business & Economics

cmrx-nc Business & Economics [non-circulating]
Center for Childrens Books cbr-nc Center for Childrens Books Reference [non-circulating]

cbx Center for Childrens Books

cbx-nc Center for Childrens Books [non-circulating]
Chemistry chnew Chemistry New Books

chnew-nc Chemistry New Books [non-circulating]

chr-nc Chemistry Reference [non-circulating]

chres Chemistry Reserves

chres-nc Chemistry Reserves [non-circulating]

chx Chemistry

chx-nc Chemistry [non-circulating]
City Planning & Landscape Architecture cpinp-nc City Planning In Process [non-circulating]

cpnew City Panning New Books

cpnew-nc City Planning New Books [non-circulating]

cpper-nc City Planning Periodicals [non-circulating]

cpr-nc City Planning Reference [non-circulating]

cpres City Planing Reserves

cpres-nc City Planning Reserve [non-circulating]

cpx City Planning

cpx-nc City Planning [non-circulating]
Classics clinp-nc Classics In Process [non-circulating]

clnew-nc Classics New Books [non-circulating]

clpl-nc Classics Perry Library [non-circulating]

clr-nc Classics Reference [non-circulating]

clres Classics Reserves

clres-nc Classics Reserves [non-circulating]

clx Classics

clx-nc Classics [non-circulating]
Communications cmuinp-nc Communications In Process [non-circulating]

cmuper Communications Periodicals

cmuper-nc Communications Periodicals [non-circulating]

cmur-nc Communications Reference [non-circulating]

cmures Communications Reserve

cmures-nc Communications Reserve [non-circulating]

cmux Communications

cmux-nc Communications [non-circulating]
Education and Social Science edac Education Arms Control

edac-nc Education Arms Control [non-circulating]

edcp-nc Education Curriculum Periodicals [non-circulating]

edindx-nc Education Indexes [non-circulating]

edinp-nc Education In Process [non-circulating]

edjper-nc Education Juvenile Periodicals [non-circulating]

edjref-nc Education Juvenile Reference [non-circulating]

edk Education S Collection

edk-nc Education S Collection [non-circulating]

edl Education Curriculum

edl-nc Education Curriculrm [non-circulating]

edo Education Oversized

edo-nc Education Oversized [non-circulating]

edper-nc Education Periodicals [non-circulating]

edr-nc Education Reference [non-circulating]

edres Education Reserves

edres-nc Education Reserves [non-circulating]

edrm1 Education Remote Storage

edrm1-nc Education Remote Storage [non-circulating]

edst Education Storage

edst-nc Education Storage [non-circulating]

edx Education

edx-nc Education [non-circulating]
Engineering (Grainger) engnr-nc Engineering Reference [non-circulating]

engnres Engineering Reserves

engnres-nc Engineering Reserves [non-circulating]

engnx Engineering

engnx-nc Engineering [non-circulating]
English englinp-nc English In Process [non-circulating]

englnew English New Books

englo English Oversize

englper English Periodicals

englper-nc English Periodicals [non-circulating]

englr-nc English Reference [non-circulating]

englres English Reserves

englres-nc English Reserves [non-circulating]

englx English

englx-nc English [non-circulating]
Geology gecd Geology CDROMs

gecl-nc Geology Closed Stacks [non-circulating]

geinp-nc Geology In Process [non-circulating]

gem Geology Maps

genew Geology New Books

ger-nc Geology Reference [non-circulating]

geres Geology Reserves

geres-nc Geology Reserves [non-circulating]

get Geology Theses

gevert Geology Vert File

gex Geology

gex-nc Geology [non-circulating]
Government Documents doc Govt Docs

doc-nc Govt Documents [non-circulating]

doccd Govt Documents Computer Disks

doccd-nc Govt Documents Computer Disks [non-circulating]

doccl-nc Govt Documents Closed Stacks [non-circulating]

docm Govt Documents Microforms

docm-nc Govt Documents Microforms [non-circulating]

docnew Govt Documents New Books

doco-nc Govt Documents Oversized [non-circulating]

docst-nc Govt Documents Stats Collection [non-circulating]
History & Philosophy hiinp-nc History In Process [non-circulating]

hil-nc Lincoln Room [non-circulating]

hinew History New Books

hiper History Periodicals

hiper-nc History Periodicals [non-circulating]

hir-nc History Ref [non-circulating]

hires History Reserves

hires-nc History Reserves [non-circulating]

hius History Undergrad Storage

hix History

hix-nc History [non-circulating]
Illinois Historical Survey ihbib-nc Illinois Hist. Survey [non-circulating]

ihcage-nc Illinois Hist. Survey Cage [non-circulating]

ihinp-nc Illinois Hist. Survey In Process [non-circulating]

ihos Illinois Hist Survey-Oak St Facility [request only]

ihr-nc Illinois Hist Survey Reference [non-circulating]

ihx-nc Illinois Hist Survey [non-circulating]
Labor & Industrial Relations irinp-nc Labor & Industrial Relations In Process [non-circulating]

irisr IRIS Reference

irisr-nc IRIS Reference [non-circulating]

irper Labor & Industrial Relations Periodicals

irper-nc Labor & Industrial Relations Periodicals [non-circulating]

irr-nc Labor & Industrial Relations Reference [non-circulating]

irres Labor & Industrial Relations Reserves

irres-nc Labor & Industrial Relations Reserves [non-circulating]

irx Labor & Industrial Relations

irx-nc Labor [non-circulating]
Latin American and Caribbean ltr-nc Latin American [non-circulating]
Law lacom Law Compact Stacks

lacom-nc Law Compact Stacks [non-circulating]

laf-nc Law Faculty Library [non-circulating]

laill-nc Law Illinois Alcove [non-circulating]

lainp-nc Law In Process [non-circulating]

lalock-nc Law Locked Compact Stacks [non-circulating]

lam-nc Law Microform Room [non-circulating]

lao Law Oversized


lar-nc Law Reference [non-circulating]

larare-nc Law Rare Books [non-circulating]

lares Law Reserves

lares-nc Law Reserves [non-circulating]

larls-nc Law Reading Room Low Stacks [non-circulating]

larra-nc Law Reading Room Reporter Alcove [non-circulating}

las-nc Law Superceded [non-circulating]

lasbst-nc Law South Basement Storage [non-circulating]

lax Law

lax-nc Law [non-circulating]
Library and Info. Science lscr-nc Library & Information Science Core Ref [non-circulating]

lsindx-nc Library & Information Science Index [non-circulating]

lsinp-nc Library & Information Science In Process [non-circulating]

lsnew Library & Information Science New Books

lsper-nc Library & Information Science Periodicals [non-circulating]

lsr-nc Library & Information Science Reference [non-circulating]

lsres Library & Information Science Reserves

lsres-nc Library & Information Science Reserves [non-circulating]

lsta-nc Library & Information Science Table [non-circulating]

lsth-nc Library & Information Science Thesaurus [non-circulating]

lsx Library & Information Science

lsx-nc Library & Information Science [non-circulating]
Main Stacks st5front Stacks Deck 5 Front


st5off-nc Stacks Deck 5 Staff Area [non-circulating]

stcons Main Stacks Conservation

stcons-nc Main Stacks Conservation [non-circulating]

std Main Stacks Govt. Documents

std-nc Main Stacks Govt. Documents [non-circulating]

stm Main Stacks Microfilm Room

stm-nc Main Stacks Microfilm Room [non-circulating]

stmezz Main Stacks Mezzanine [request only]

stonord-nc Main Stacks On Order [non-circulating]

stos Oak Street Facility [request only]

stos-nc Oak Street Facility [non-circulating]

stper-nc Main Stacks Serials [non-circulating]

stserof-nc Stacks Serials Office [non-circulating]

stv Main Stacks Closed Area 1

stv-nc Main Stacks Closed Area 1 [non-circulating]

stx Main Stacks

stx-nc Main Stacks [non-circulating]
Maps & Geography magaz-nc Map & Geography Gazetteer [non-circulating]

mainp-nc Map & Geography In Process [non-circulating]

mam Map & Geography Maps

mam-nc Map & Geography Maps [non-circulating]

maoff-nc Map & Geography Office [non-circulating]

maoffma-nc Map & Geography Office Maps [non-circulating]

mar-nc Map & Geography Reference [non-circulating]

marcive *Government Documents Online Collection

mares Map & Geography Reserves

mares-nc Map & Geography Reserves [non-circulating]

marking-nc Marking [non-circulating]

maroom Map & Geography Room 408

maroom-nc Map & Geographcy Room 408 [non-circulating]

mavert Map & Geography Vert File

mavert-nc Map & Geography Vert File [non-circulating]

max Map & Geography

max-nc Map & Geography [non-circulating]
Mathematics mtinp-nc Math In Process [non-circulating]

mtnew Math New Books

mtnew-nc Math New Books [non-circulating]

mtr-nc Math Reference [non-circulating]

mtres Math Reserves

mtres-nc Math Reserves [non-circulating]

mtvlt Math Vault

mtvlt-nc Math Vault [non-circulating]

mtx Math

mtx-nc Math [non-circulating]
Modern Languages and Linguistics mdinp Modern Languages In Process

mdinp-nc Modern Languages In Process [non-circulating]

mdk Modern Languages Kolb-Proust

mdk-nc Modern Languages Kolb-Proust [non-circulating]

mdr-nc Modern Languages Reference [non-circulating]

mdres Modern Languages Reserves

mdres-nc Modern Languages Reserves [non-circulating]

mdx Modern Languages

mdx-nc Modern Languages [non-circulating]
Music muinp-nc Music In Process [non-circulating]


munew Music New Books

munew-nc Music New Books [non-circulating]

muper Music Periodicals [cannot be requested]

muper-nc Music Periodicals [non-circulating]

muq Music Spec Collection

muq-nc Music Spec Collection [non-circulating]

mur-nc Music Reference [non-circulating]

mures Music Reserves

mures-nc Music Reserves [non-circulating]

murr-nc Music Ready Reference [non-circulating]

mux Music

mux-nc Music [non-circulating]
Natural History Survey nhcl-nc Natural History Closed Stacks [non-circulating]

nhinp-nc Natural History In Process [non-circulating]

nhnew Natural History New Books

nhnew-nc Natural History New Books [non-circulating]

nhr-nc Natural History Reference [non-circulating]

nhres Natural History Reserves

nhres-nc Natural History Reserves [noncirculating]

nhx Natural History

nhx-nc Natural History [non-circulating]
Physics and Astronomy obx-nc Astronomy Collection [non-circulating]

phinp-nc Physics In Process [non-circulating]

phnew Physics/Astronomy New Books

phr-nc Physics/Astronomy Reference [non-circulating]

phres Physics Reserves

phres-nc Physics Reserves [non-circulating]

pht Physics/Astronomy Theses

pht-nc Physics/Astronomy Theses [non-circulating]

phx Physics/Astronomy

phx-nc Physics/Astronomy [non-circulating]
Psychology pyx-nc Psychology [non-circulating]
Rare Books and Special Collections rbcl-nc Rare Book & Special Collections Closed [non-circulating]

rbcons-nc Rare Book & Special Collections Conserv. [non-circulating]

rbm-nc Rare Book & Special Collections Miniatures[non-circulating]

rbos Rare Bk & Special Collections-Oak St Facility [request only]

rbpres-nc Rare Book & Special Collections Preserv. [non-circulating]

rbr-nc Rare Book & Special Collections Reference [non-circulating]

rbs-nc Rare Book & Special Collections Storage [non-circulating]

rbt-nc Rare Book & Special Collections Theses [non-circulating]

rbts-nc Rare Book Temp Storage [non-circulating]

rbx-nc Rare Book & Special Collections [non-circulating]
Reference rea Reference Atlases [non-circulating]

reencyc-nc Reference Encyclopedia Case [non-circulating]

reindx-nc Reference Index Tables [non-circulationg]

res-nc Reference Storage [non-circulating]

reshad-nc Reference Case A [non-circulating]

reshb-nc Reference Case B [non-circulating]

reshc-nc Reference Case C [non-circulating]

reshd-no Reference Case D [non-circulating]

rex-nc Reference [non-circulating]
Slavic and East European spexch

spinp-nc Slavic In Process [non-circulating]

spoo-nc Slavic On Order [non-circulating]

spos Slavic-Oak St Facility [request only]

spr-nc Slavic Ref [non-circulating]

spx Slavic

spx-nc Slavic [non-circulating]
Undergraduate uga Undergraduate Media Closed Stacks

uga-nc Undergrad Media Center [non-circulating]

ugb Undergrad Browsing

ugb-nc Undergrad Browsing [non-circulating]

ugbcs Undergrad Browsing Compact Stacks

ugclr-nc Undergrad Closed Reference [non-circulating]

ugcs Undergrad Compacts Stacks

ugcs-nc Undergrad Compact Stacks [non-circulating]

ugj Undergrad Self Help Compact Stacks

ugj-nc Undergrad Self Help Compact Stacks [non-circulating]

ugper-nc Undergrad Periodicals [non-circulating]

ugq-nc Undergrad Career Cluster [non-circulating]

ugr-nc Undergrad Reference [non-circulating]

ugres Undergrad Reserves

ugres-nc Undergrad Reserves [non-circulating]

ugs Undergrad Remote Storage

ugs-nc Undergrad Remote Storage [non-circulating]

ugx Undergrad

ugx-nc Undergrad [non-circulating]
University High School uhbiog Uni High Biography

uhbiog-nc Uni High Biography [non-circulating]

uhq Uni High Teacher Collection

uhq-nc Uni High Teacher Collection [non-circulating]

uhr-nc Uni High Reference [non-circulating]

uhres Uni High Reserves

uhres-nc Uni High Reserves [non-circulating]

uhx Uni High

uhx-nc Uni High [non-circulating]
Veterinary Medicine vecl-nc Veterinary Medicine Closed Stacks [non-circulating]

veinp-nc Veterinary Medicine In Process [non-circulating]

venew Veterinary Medicine New Books

venew-nc Veterinary Medicine New Books [non-circulating]

veper-nc Veterinary Medicine Periodicals [noncirculating]

ver-nc Veterinary Medicine Reference [non-circulating]

veres Veterinary Medicine Reserves

veres-nc Veterinary Medicine Reserves [non-circulating]

vestor Veterinary Medicine Storage

vestor-nc Veterinary Medicine Storage [non-circulating]

vestx-nc Veterinary Medicine Stacks [noncirculating]

vex Veterinary Medicine

vex-nc Veterinary Medicine [non-circulating]


Valid as of July 25, 2005