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Dwarf Larkspur and Other Larkspurs (Delphinium tricorne Michx. and other species)

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Dwarf larkspur is an erect, little-branched herb 1 to 3 feet tall. Its leaves, alternately placed and slender-stalked, are deeply divided into 5 to 7 nearly separate lobes, each lobe itself again rather deeply lobed or toothed. Its stout stem ends in a flower-bearing part that carries several blue or white, spurred blossoms 1 to 1 1/2 inches long. Three short-pointed rather fragile, widely spreading pods about 1/2 inch long develop from each blossom. These pods contain numerous small, dark seeds.

The rocket larkspur (Delphinium ajacis L.), which is cultivated and sometimes escapes, may be recognized from the above general description. It is supposed, in common with all other larkspurs, to be poisonous.

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