The following is a brief explanation of the structure which will aid you in your navigation around the database.

Within the Toxic Plant Database Homepage and at the bottom of this page you will find links to two alphabetical lists of plant names, one by common names and the other by scientific names. When you select a plant in either of the lists, you will be guided to the description of that plant. The description contains a representative plant image at the height of its growth and a brief description for identifying the plant. This section may also contain links to other images of the same plant at different growth stages.

From the description, you can access 5 other parts of the same plant entry as shown below:

(1) Distribution

This section describes the geographical and the type of area in which the plant is commonly found.

(2) Conditions of poisoning

This section describes how animals are most often poisoned, i.e., time of year, weather conditions, etc.

(3) Control

This section contains general information about controlling the growth of the plant to prevent poisoning.

(4) Toxic principle

This section identifies the chemical principle of the plant which causes the poisoning.

(5) Clinical signs

This section describes the signs displayed by animals that may have been poisoned by the plant.

Common Name List
Scientific Name List