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Natural Toxicants in Feeds, Forages, and Poisonous Plants

Table of Contents


Part I - Metabolic Effects, Metabolism, and Ecological Roles of Plant Toxins

  1. Natural Toxicants and Their General Biological Effects.....3
  2. Techniques and Calculations in Toxicology.....25
  3. Metabolism and Metabolic Effect of Toxicants.....37
  4. Ecological Roles of Plant Toxicants and Impacts on Livestock Production and Human Health.....55

Part II - Toxicants in Animal Feeds

  1. Mycotoxins in Cereal Grains and Protein Supplements.....87
  2. Toxins Intrinsic to Cereal Grains and Other Concentrate Feeds.....137
  3. Toxins in Protein Supplements and Grain Legumes.....163
  4. Toxins Produced by Feed Processing.....211

Part III - Forage-Induced Toxicoses

  1. Toxicoses Associated with Forages in General.....223
  2. Mycotoxins Associated with Forages.....243
  3. Toxins Intrinsic to Forages.....275

Part IV - Plants Poisonous to Livestock

  1. Plants and Toxins Affecting the Gastrointestinal Tract and Liver.....327
  2. Neurotoxins, Cardiac/Pulmonary Toxins, and Nephrotoxins.....365
  3. Reproductive Toxins
  4. Carcinogens and Metabolic Inhibitors.....423
  5. Irritants, Dermatitic Agents, and Miscellaneous Toxins.....445


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