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Journal Abbreviation Guide

Determining a Full Title from an Abbreviation

For Biomedical journals, use:

For Animal science/Agricultural journals, use:

Additional lists:

Determining an Abbreviation from a Full Title

If you would like to construct an abbreviation for a title that you are using, it is recommended to search the above databases as all abbreviations are standardized. Example, Comprehensive in PubMed is abbreviated as Compr. Two print publications may also be of use:

International Organization for Standardization. Information and documentation, rules for the abbreviation of title words and titles of publications. 3rd ed. Genève, Switzerland : ISO, 1997.

Liste d'abréviations de mots des titres de publications en série = List of serial title word abbreviations. Paris : CIEPS/ISDS International Centre, 1985- . ISSN: 0259-000X (main series); ISSN: 0259-0018 (supplements)

Note: This publication gives such information as the official abbreviations for over 5000 words in 70 languages.