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Citing Electronic Journal Articles

This website conveniently hyperlinks to citations of webpages, emails, listservs, FTP and telnet information, among other electronic types of publication. In addition, it even shows how to cite electronic resources using MLA, APA, Chicago, and CBE Styles.

This website published by the University of Alberta in Canada also includes links to style manuals found on the Internet.

(CAUTION: This is a 106-page document!)


This website does give examples and guidelines on how to cite websites. It even includes a reference to its 1999 print style manual, which explains electronic citations as well.

(in Veterinary Medicine Library reference section under call number 655.25 C43m 1969)


Internet references are convenient, but they do have some drawbacks and dangers. For more information about this topic, see " Going, Going, Gone: Lost Internet References" by Robert P. Dellavalle, et al. in Science, Volume 302, Number 5646, Issue of 31 Oct 2003, pp. 787-788.

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