Vol. 2, Issue 1
June 25, 2008

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Undergraduate Edge: Vol. 2, Issue 1 - June 25, 2008

New Signs

A Newsletter for Library Personnel

Heading in the Right Direction

Have you been lost when you come down to the Undergraduate Library? No More! We have kept pace with the times and changed our library faster than our signs have been able to change...but no more. In April, all of UGL's incorrect signs began to be taken down and replaced with correct and updated signage to reflect the physical changes we have undergone. This project will continue into the summer. We are extremely excited about this project and look forward to the impact it will have on our public service!

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We'll Miss You IPM. . .

This semester the Undergraduate Library announced the plan to physically and administratively relocate the current Head of Information Processing & Management (Mary Laskowski) and the majority of the existing Information Processing & Management staff to the Technical Services Division (Room 200N). The new team will provide centralized technical services support for the e-reserve service as well as book and media reserve processing.  Media acquisitions and cataloging will also be combined with appropriate TSD functions to create a more flexible and efficient service model.  The staff remaining at UGL will provide support for continued UGL-specific technical services needs, and will form a unified, adaptable workforce within the Undergraduate Library for ongoing tasks and new initiatives.

The organizational change will take effect July 1, 2008, but operations from the patron perspective will be largely unchanged. General reserve requests will continue to be handled by the Undergraduate Library circulation desk, and course and research related media acquisitions should still be directed to Mary Laskowski.  The media collection remains in the open stacks at UGL.  Reserve processing staff members can still be reached at 244-3773, but they have a new email address: ipm@library.uiuc.edu.

24/5 Success

As the sun begins to rise over the university, inside the Undergraduate Library students can be seen bent over books and computers working on papers and studying for exams. Rather than spend the night sleeping many students have taken advantage of the Undergrad’s new 24-hour format. Since January 2008, the library has remained open from Sunday morning until Friday evening. This new format gives students with varying and hectic schedules the opportunity to use the library and its services at their convenience. Though slow to begin, by midterms around 50-75 students regularly used the extended overnight hours. During finals week, over one hundred students stayed until the wee hours of the morning. The library has resumed normal hours for the summer, but will reinstate the 24-hour format when the Fall semester begins. 


Career Conversations

Beginning Spring Semester 2008 the Undergraduate Library, in a further development of the relationship with the Career Center, invited Career Center staff to host "Career Conversations" and "Walk-Up Career Advising" on Sunday nights. What a huge success! Starting at 6:30pm staff would host a casual conversation focused around a pre-designated career topic and at 7:30pm drop-in career advising would begin for 2 hours.