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TV only has a blue screen or static

Check input – make sure TV is set to correct input for playback device.  (Use “TV/Video” Button on Remote Control)

TV is not getting any signal at all

Check power to TV and playback unit – Turned on?  Plugged in? Power Strip On?

DVD/VHS doesn’t have any display on Front of the playback unit

Check power – Turned on?  Plugged in? Power Strip On?

DVD/VHS seems to be playing, but TV image is mostly black, or broken with diagonal lines

DVD or VHS may need multi-zone player (PAL/SECAM) – booths #1-3

VHS Tape will not play

Make sure the tape is not a PAL or Beta tape

VHS Tape plays, but image is poor – static lines and some image break up

Tape may need to be cleaned or replaced – Return it to the Circ Desk upstairs.

Headphones not working – your headphones

Check volume on TV – should be set to near maximum

Headphones not working – your headphones

Check volume control knob on headphone jack box – adjust knob for jack that headphones are plugged into

Headphones not working – your headphones

Check connections – Cable from TV headphone jack to headphone box is properly connected;  Headphones are plugged into side jack on Headphone Box

Heaphones not working – Library over-ear headphone sets you checked out at services desk

See headphone troubleshooting tips above.  Also, may be broken; ask for a different pair.

Captions will not play

Closed-captioning turned off or is set to wrong input; Set closed-captioning to CC Channel 1

TV screen has a large, black box obscuring most of image

Closed-captioning turned on to wrong input; Turn off closed-captioning or set to CC Channel 1.

On combination DVD/VHS playback unit, cannot see the media (VHS tape or DVD disc)

Make sure the select switch has been pushed for the correct media – VHS for VHS playback; DVD for DVD playback

DVD Player keeps saying “no disc” when disc is inserted

Unplug player for 3 minutes; plug in and try again 

DVD will not eject after viewing

Unplug player; wait 10 seconds; plug in, turn on and press eject again.





How to Use the Viewing Booth



  •        Plug headphones into multi-jack box (silver box next to TV)

  •       Turn TV On
  •        Turn player On and Insert tape or disc; press Play if needed
  •        If needed, select Input on TV for correct player (use TV/Video button on Remote Control)
  •      Adjust volume

Individual volume is adjusted using knobs on multi-jacks

Master volume on TV should be set near maximum

  •      For Problems, refer to TroubleShooting on back of this sheet





Enjoy your movie!






Do not change TV channel

Do not remove multi-jack cord from TV


Ask the desk staff if you need help